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Top Toys for Teenagers

The toys below have been chosen by parents as the best toys for teens and tweens. Rather than depending upon ambiguous manufacturer recommendations, we ask adults with pre-teen and teen children. We hope you find this list of the best toys for teens useful in your quest for the ideal gift for Christmas, a birthday, Hanukkah, or graduation.

I Wrote a Book About You

What’s the best way to let someone know that you care about them? Write a book about them! Fun, lighthearted, and sweet, this book is made to be filled out by you and given to someone you like.

Every page gives you an exciting prompt such as “I’ve put some thought into this and I just wanted to tell you that, honestly, it’s kind of crazy how _____ you are.”

All you need to do is fill in the blanks and quickly the whole book is a wonderfully powerful and meaningful gift.

SpokeLit LED Wheel Light with Disc-O-Select

Ride your bike at night in style and safety. Just put this tool onto the spokes of your wheel, push it towards the rim until it fits tight, and push the button to pick your setting. You can put it to one of six colors or leave it cycling through the color-changing Disc-O style. Water and shock resistant and simple to install, this gift will completely transform your young adult’s nighttime bike-riding.

WordTeasers: American Trivia

Put your expertise of America to the test!

“What popular summertime food treat got its start in Missouri in 1904?” – “Which is the only state in the U.S. that was once ruled by a king?”

Use your brain and dive into the corners of your memory to attempt and answer these sorts of questions. The answer is on the other side of the card.

Best Toys for Pre-Schoolers

Encourage your kid’s motor skills and imagination with these great toys that combine the new gadgets with old-school classics.

LEGO or DUPLO blocks

For preschoolers, DUPLO are the ideal size. LEGO are great as math tools to learn about patterns, measurement, counting, and shapes.


Dress-up pieces don’t need to be fancy. Make it as simple as hats, scarves, gloves, bandanas, masks, capes, and costume jewelry. You can find some dress up pieces on Etsy. Check out these favorite and popular shops for dress-up items: Philly Pop Designs, A Joyful Bow, and Hunting Faeries.


The most favorite and well-known puzzles are made by Melissa and Doug and Mudpuppy. Melissa and Doug craft the best chunky wooden block puzzles that are ideal for little hands. The pieces make for fun figurines and imaginary play too. Mudpuppy has the most amazing puzzles. Our favorites include My Very Long Puzzles, Geography Puzzles, and Search and Find Puzzles.

Cooperative Board Games by Peaceable Kingdom

These types of board games are absolute favorites among preschoolers. Cooperative games teach team play in which there aren’t any losers or winners. The team loses or wins as a unit instead of individually.

This concept is fantastic for preschoolers who are still absorbing crucial skills like sharing, cooperating, and teamwork. Our favs from Peaceable Kingdom for preschoolers are Dinosaur Escape, Count Your Chickens, Feed the Woozle, and Stack Up! Feed the Woozle works like a movement game and is ideal for busy little bodies. Everyone loves Stack Up! as it gets kids working together to finish a common task while using their fine motor skills.

Fine Motor Tool Sets

These tool sets are a must for play to enhance sensory or motor skills. Fine motor tools aid to build up little hands to train children for writing.

Magnificent Multicultural Toys

Get your children accustomed to different cultures outside of their own with these multicultural dolls and toys!

Nothing gets your idea across with children than using toys for teaching. Children are sensitive little people who should be in the know about the world and about folks who don’t look or act like they do.

Multicultural toys such as African-American Barbies playing alongside their Caucasian or Latina ones can make for a true culture accepting upbringing that kids and parents can enjoy. While plush toys modeled after Hindu gods schools them on the various religions, dolls of other cultures can get them started on the road to acceptance.

Kokeshi Dumbbell

Vintage Kokeshi Doll

Kokeshi are Japanese dolls, handcrafted from wood with an enlarged head and a trunk with a couple of painted, thin lines to outline the face. The body has a floral design painted in black, red, and at times yellow, and coated in wax. One feature of Kokeshi dolls is there aren’t any legs or arms.

Lots to Love Bath Doll

Invented by Berengeuer, these dolls are ideal for playtime and bath. Sturdy and chubby, everyone loves these dolls. They come with removable kinky hair and changeable outfits.

Little Princess Snowflake Doll

Snowflake Princess is a very cuddly, soft toy that is quite flexible and

North American Bear Little Princess Snowflake

lightweight. Soft material body with an incredible pale blue princess crown and dress. Light tan complexion. For any age group.

Football Match Set

Play the fun game with the Football Match. This set is part of the Budkins World range and has goal posts, corner flags, a fold-out pitch, advertising boards and an operating score board. It has seven Budkins characters including one goalie and two outfield players. Also, the football match set has a referee complete with a whistle and red/yellow card.

Special Need Toys

Assist children with learning disabilities improve their handwriting, reading comprehension, numbers, social and verbal skills, processing of information, and interpretation of sounds. If you are a teacher or parent of a child with special needs, take a look at the books and toys below for ideas on how to help develop skills in a fun and engaging way.

Toys created to help children with dyscalculia to better understand mathematics and numbers

  • Lakeshore Building Language 3-D Lotto
  • Mozbii Toy – Draw With The Color You Snatch (Educational) For iPad, Android phones, and iPad Pro
  • Word Families with Silly Sentences Fun Deck – Super Duper Educational Learning Toy for Kids
  • Excellerations TRACING Excellerations Prewriting Motor Skills Set (Pack of 21)
  • My First Art Easel with Chalkboard and Whiteboard – Kids Educational Learning

Toys for Children with Dyslexia

  • I See, I Spell, I Learn Flashcards
  • Reading Highlight Strips
  • Early Reading Program for Babies, Preschoolers and Toddlers- Phonics, Sight Words, Sign Language: Bright Signs Learning
  • Child1st Publications 607 Snapwords Pocket Chart Cards
  • Child1st Publications SnapWords List B Sight Word Pocket Chart Cards
  • Dr. Erica Warren Executive Functioning Card Games Bundle
  • The Original Montessori Phonetic Reading Blocks – Educational Materials for the Beginning Reader Toddler 3 4 5 6 Year Old – Eco Friendly Wooden CVC Manipulative Toy for Kindergarten Language Learning

Toys for Children with Language Processing Disorder

  • Drills for Sounds CDs and visuals for speech and articulation practice
  • Learning Resources LER6801 Alphabet Soup Sorters, 209 Pieces
  • Tiggly Interactive Learning Toys | Includes 4 Reading and Spelling Games| Great for Kids Ages 3 thru 8 | Featuring Elmo and Cookie Monster in Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen
  • Identiflyer Lyric 140 Birds & Frogs Kit Includes Machine, 3 & 2 Cards set & Case
  • Short Stories Fun Deck Cards for Auditory Memory
  • LeapFrog LeapReader System Learn to Read 10 Book Bundle

Toys for Children with Autism

Toys are teaching and learning tools for all kids, particularly children with autism. Learning toys are really crucial in early intervention programs where the appropriate toy makes all the difference. Parents use toys to develop relationships. ABA counselors use toys to pretend play and explain cause and effect.

Speech therapists use toys to learn sequences and stimulate communication. Occupational therapists use them to develop gross motor, social, and fine motor skills. For children, sensory toys are just truly fun! The best activities and toys for kids with autism are the ones that encourage them to engage.

Stretchy Mice and Cheese

Assist two little stretchy mice find their way via the holes in the stretchy cheese! This cute silly fidget is perfect for those with autism because it helps to develop finger dexterity, motor planning, and motor skills. Not to mention, the Strechy Mice and Cheese fidget is good for hours of fun and mind relaxation.

Zoo Animals Sound Puzzle

Sound puzzles help those with autism learn through visual, tactile, and auditory learning. Some of our beloved zoo animals are waiting to talk to your loved one.

Place the puzzle piece into the well with the matching picture on the puzzle board and listen to the animals speak!

Tiggly Math iPad Game

Tiggly Math

All children, particularly those with special needs, learn best when they engage all of their senses! Tiggly Words is operated by your hands and uses an app to let children learn at their own speed.

Created for children developmentally aged 3-7, Tiggly Math educates kids in counting, addition, subtraction, cardinality, number sense and number line. It takes children on a math journey full of magic, humor, and inspiration.

Just hit the toys on your tablet screen and the app reacts, ingeniously engaging children.


New and Exciting Toys for Christmas 2018

You better watch out…because, let’s be real, Christmas is coming with a quickness.  So, it’s never too soon to get a start on the best gifts for kids. There’s nothing worse than being under pressure, while people repeatedly post the days to Christmas on social media (the struggle is real!).  We’ve searched some of the best toy wish-lists and all-around excellent gift ideas .  As a result, we’ve unmasked the top-selling games and toys from the foremost toy retailers and discovered the best prices so you don’t have to. Below, check out the best toys!

Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey


So here we are people, one of the hippest new toys! These darling little interactive monkeys attach to your finger, react to sound, touch, and motion by moving their head, talking in cute monkey talk, and blinking their eyes. If you blow them a kiss they’ll kiss you back. They make monkey sounds and hang upside down on your finger. They are available in many colors from white to blue.

New Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

A pack of mini Hatchimals (there are more than 70 tiny CollEGGtibles to get in the Season One including a limited edition).  Brush the heart and when it transforms from purple to pink, softly press and crack your egg. No batteries necessary!

Googly Eyes Drawing Game for the Whole Family

Just put on a pair of vision-changing goggles, begin drawing, and have your team attempt to say what you’re drawing.  This is a kid-friendly version and lots of fun for the whole family.

Hatchimals Surprise Twins Egg

This is one of the best toys ever created and folks have been going crazy for it. These ‘eggs’ are interactive, your children can care for them and then quickly they’ll hatch two surprise animals!

Why Your Little One Can’t Let Go of That Stuffed Animal

Stuffed animals are world staple of any kid’s bedroom. In fact, if a kid asks for just one toy, it’s probably will be a stuffed animal. From penguins to tigers to lions, the fluffy dolls come in all sizes and shapes to satisfy every taste. Even in an era where kids own fancy electronic toys, stuffed animals didn’t lose any love. Here’s why your kid is crazy for stuffed toys.

They encourage nurturing

After being bossed around all day, kids want a chance to be the adult. Stuffed toys make great recipients of a child’s pretend discipline and care. They’re little, lightweight, and completely compliant. Playing grownup to a stuffed animal makes a child be in control. Some experts say imaginative play is critical to a child’s social and mental development. Also, when you’re 4, nothing beats the sheer incredibleness of having a ‘baby’ with an alligator tail or a puppy face.

They’re always smiling

Stuffed animals are resistant to the letdowns of life. Regardless how many times they are dropped, sat on or left alone, they always welcome their owners with reassuring, warm smiles. Those happy, fuzzy faces make the world look like a better place, regardless what’s going on in the kid’s life. Mommy, daddy or teacher may be disappointed, but Tickle Me Elmo is never disappointed.

They give the best hugs

Nothing makes the blues go away like a warm, mushy hug. It doesn’t get any warmer than with stuffed animal. Not only that, but stuffed animals will take tight hugs of the longest length of time without gasping for air or feeling crushed. Hugging a Barbie doll or action figure, on the other hand, just doesn’t measure up to that irrepressible softness of a stuffed animal.

What to Get Your Child for Valentine’s Day

January is almost over, and February is rapidly approaching leaving one day on everyone’s mind, Valentine’s Day. You see the candy in the store’s along with the all the plush animals and cards with sweet things to say to our loved ones. Aside from the apparent candy what do we get our children for Valentine’s Day? After all, they are our number one Valentines. Below are a few options to give the little loves of your life.

The Red Micro Cubebot Puzzle is a non-traditional take on the toy robot that doesn’t require batteries. He holds several different poses. His durable wood structure and elastic band muscles make him hard to break so; he’s a toy built to last. After you’re done playing with him, he folds into a perfect box shape. You can find him in a variety of colors on Amazon for just $9.89.

LEGO Valentine’s Cupid Dog is a 150-piece set that features an adorable dog that once put together holds a red heart and a bow and arrow. This item was exclusively a 2016 item and is on eBay for $19.99.

The Wooden Heart Jigsaw Puzzle is a cute little item made by Tree Hopper Toys. It comes in a bag that makes for a good token. It has a tribal-like design on the puzzle pieces. This item is found on for $15.22.

Perfect for a child around the age of eight and up is the “I’m so glad you’re my Son/Daughter Gift Box.” This gift box comes with a picture frame keepsake box, 44-page, casebound, full color, ‘memory moments’ children’s book, a ‘love notes’ notepad, and an encouragement pad. This product can be purchased on Amazon for $29.95.

Personalized superhero capes are an excellent option for sparking your children’s imagination. You can get your child’s name or initials put on a variety of different styles such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and many other’s. This product is on Etsy for $34.

The Evolution of Furbies

                              Furby Connect

The Furby became a popular children’s toy in 1998. The creators, Caleb Chung and Dave Hampton, took nine months to invent the gadget before it made the first appearance at the American International Toy Fair. The toy resembles an owl mixed with a hamster. The Furby was the first significant success in creating and marketing a mechanical robot toy. Furbies came with the speaking capabilities of their native language which was Furbish, but over time they were programmed to start speaking English. The amount of time it took them to speak English was meant to mimic how long it takes to learn a new language. Overall their speaking capabilities were translated into twenty-four different languages. Within the first year of being on the shelf, there were over 1.8 million sold. The craze for the adorable robot toy continued for two more years until 2000 when sales slowly started to decline. Overall within the first three years of production over 40 million Furbies were sold. Aside from the classic Furbies, there were other’s that released in the following years. Furby Babies hit the market in 1999. Furby Babies were smaller in size, cannot dance, and have higher pitched voices, however, they begin to speak English at a faster rate. In 2000, Furby Friends featured novel characters as Furbies such as Gizmo from the Gremlins and Yoda from Star Wars.

In 2005 a more advanced Furby was launched called the Emoto-Tronic Furby. This Furby was larger with more emotional facial expressions and voice recognition allowing them to communicate with humans. Introduced in 2006, the Emoto-Tronic Furby Babies appeared to be more babyish and had a lower activity level with a limited vocabulary. Released in the same year, Emoto-Tronic Funky Furbies which were limited to two color combinations of pink and yellow or purple and green could sing and dance and learn new routines.

A Furby debuted in 2012 that came with the capability to connect to an iOS or Android app. This Furby can adapt its personality in response to the user’s behavior. In the years following up to 2015, six more Furbies would join the Furby family.

The Value of Beanie Babies

Growing up in the 90’s there was a lot of talk about beanie babies. People kept vast collections of them claiming that they would be valuable one day. As a child, our parents informed us that they would someday pay for our college. Here we are over twenty years after the beanie baby craze ended. So how much are those precious beanie babies worth and were they worth all the commotion?

The beanie baby craze began in 1993 when the original nine launched. The firstborn of these nine was Legs the Frog on April 25th of 1993. A few that followed behind him were Pinches the Lobster, and Cubbie, the Bear. The creator of the beanie babies, Ty Warner, success was because he had the brilliant idea of discontinuing animals at random creating scarcity in the market for beanie babies.

Did Ty Warner’s plan succeed in making beanie baby collectors rich? Deciding how much a first-generation beanie baby is worth is usually a job for a 3rd party service like True Blue Beans. A beanie baby’s worth largely depends on the heart tag and the Tush tag. Without the original tags, your beanie is worth considerably less. First generation beanie babies can be easy to tell apart because the heart tag will not open like a book. Other things considered when getting your collection appraised is, of course, the condition of your beanie babies. Beanie babies that are still in good condition, with no wear and tear or stains are going to be worth the most.

Let’s look at some of the original beanie babies and how much they would be worth 25 years later. A first-generation Leg’s the Frog beanie baby in excellent condition with the original tags would be worth about $100 today. One that is worth the most money is Splash the Whale. A first generation of this guy can get you $200-$300. So, no, your beanie baby collection probably won’t pay your kids college tuition, but you could get a few hundred bucks for the five you spent all those years ago.