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Top Toys for Teenagers

The toys below have been chosen by parents as the best toys for teens and tweens. Rather than depending upon ambiguous manufacturer recommendations, we ask adults with pre-teen and teen children. We hope you find this list of the best toys for teens useful in your quest for the ideal gift for Christmas, a birthday, Hanukkah, or graduation.

I Wrote a Book About You

What’s the best way to let someone know that you care about them? Write a book about them! Fun, lighthearted, and sweet, this book is made to be filled out by you and given to someone you like.

Every page gives you an exciting prompt such as “I’ve put some thought into this and I just wanted to tell you that, honestly, it’s kind of crazy how _____ you are.”

All you need to do is fill in the blanks and quickly the whole book is a wonderfully powerful and meaningful gift.

SpokeLit LED Wheel Light with Disc-O-Select

Ride your bike at night in style and safety. Just put this tool onto the spokes of your wheel, push it towards the rim until it fits tight, and push the button to pick your setting. You can put it to one of six colors or leave it cycling through the color-changing Disc-O style. Water and shock resistant and simple to install, this gift will completely transform your young adult’s nighttime bike-riding.

WordTeasers: American Trivia

Put your expertise of America to the test!

“What popular summertime food treat got its start in Missouri in 1904?” – “Which is the only state in the U.S. that was once ruled by a king?”

Use your brain and dive into the corners of your memory to attempt and answer these sorts of questions. The answer is on the other side of the card.

The Best Adult Party Games

If you’re like me and you prefer a fun, live get-together, then you’re in real need of some overwhelming and funny adult party games. A good adult party game is one that can let folks loosen up, talk to each other, laugh with each other, and dissolve the barriers that make them feel uncomfortable. If you’re ever giving a get-together, here are the best grownup games to have on hand for any reason.

Draw What?!

If you like R-rated games, and have the attitude of the cruder, the better, this one’s for you. With this ridiculous game, there’s really no way to go wrong. The board game has more than 360 words and phrases, which you then have to draw on the white board. If your teammates can tell what you’re drawing, you can all move ahead along the colored squares.

If you’ve got a group of buddies that don’t mind raunchy drawings and cursing, this game is the one.

Cards Against Humanity

One can’t make a list like this and not have the leader of all adult party games. Cards Against Humanity is an adult-themed, offensive likeness on the card game Apples to Apples. Once you get the hang of it, it’s very easy, and gets so many laughs: Players take turns reading off black cards, which say things like, “Lifetime Presents _____, the story of ____.” The person with the funniest or most accurate phrase wins.


Imagine combining Oregon Trail with Monopoly, wilderness version, and you’ve got the cult-favorite Catan. Unlike other strategy games, new players can pick up the game very fast, letting everyone jump right in and get competitive. Your goal is to settle the island of Catan before your fellow players get resources along the way to expand your development.

Top Toys to Bring on Road Trips with Young Children

Road trips with small children can be exciting experiences that create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime or miserable experiences that will be unforgettable for how terrible they turned out to be. It’s no secret that without the right organization and distractions for the little ones in the car that road trips can be very stressful for parents. What are the best toys to bring on road trips with young children to keep them occupied during the long car ride? Here are a few listed for you to make your trips memorable for all the right reasons.


Sensory toys are a big must for car rides for babies because it keeps them occupied by engaging all their senses. Modern rattles are an excellent example of a sensory toy that your baby is sure to love. Modern rattles like Skwish Classic 6, come with a variety of shapes that will capture your baby’s curiosity. Most rattles like this one also come with moving beads and balls with bendable rods that their developing minds are sure to be fascinated with.


Toddlers are little sponges that like to mimic everything older children and adults do. Therefore, things that might interest them during car rides may include toys that resemble cell phones, keys, and laptops just to name a few. A more specific example would be a Vtech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone. This product comes in a variety of colors, a touch screen with 12 pretend apps including camera and clock, and a home button so your toddler can pretend to call home. These types of toys stimulate your child’s responses, encourage fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.


Coloring kits are always good options for preschoolers to keep them occupied on long car rides. You may want to make a kit for them that includes crayons, markers, coloring pencils and a variety of coloring books. Don’t forget to add a flat surface for them to draw and color on as well.

DIY Educational Games for Children

Education is a word that seems to provoke the feeling of misery in young children. Not all educational experiences have to be boring and hard; some can be fun. Educational games are not always something you have to purchase either. Sure, there are websites like ABC mouse that you can buy to help your child learn at a better rate and in a more exciting way, but there are also games that you can make yourself, using minimal resources and for a low price.

$100 Word Challenge

This game requires a large area to write on. That could be a dry erase board, chalkboard, or piece of poster board. What you’re going to do is write all the letters of the alphabet with an ascending numerical value beside it. For example, A would be $1, B would be $2, and so on until letter Z which would be $26. Then you ask questions. What word is worth $100? What is your name worth? Which of your spelling words is worth the most? This game promotes Math skills as well as literacy skills and would be an excellent way to teach your child’s vocabulary words.

Uno Flip

All you need for this game is a deck of Uno cards and something like a sticky note, index card or square pieces of paper. On the sticky notes, index cards, or pieces of paper write multiplication, division, addition, subtraction and equal signs. Create two stacks of Uno cards and place the equation signs, (addition, subtraction, equal…etc.) in between the stacks of Uno cards. Have the child draw cards from each deck and solve the equation on a piece of paper. This game promotes math skills.

Popsicle Stick Draw

This game requires popsicle sticks and a cup to hold them. Write your child’s vocabulary words on the sticks and put them in the container with the side that has the word facing down. Use a pencil and piece of paper to keep score as your child draws out words that they can recognize.

The Toys & Games Scenario

The Toys & Games Scenario


Are regular toys & games in danger from web and multimedia games? Let us dwell into this concern and figure it out …

The latest in the realm of toys & games are multimedia online games that offer numerous alternatives. There are more recent a huge development of multimedia video games.Thus, the selection offered is substantial, and so it matches varied preferences. Aside from multimedia online games, web  games are also fast replacing the routine toys & video games.

Therefore, the popularity of the routine toys and games is intimidated as web and multimedia video games are gradually, but progressively, becoming a popular tool of entertainment for kids of the new generation. The youngsters in the age group of 8-13 seem to prefer web and multimedia games, in contrast to the typical toys and games offered.

Moreover, it is good to keep in mind that this fad is gaining rate progressively since computers are ending up being commonplace in the contemporary houses of today.

Nevertheless, some toy makers believe this is a short-term pattern because making use of the computer system for lengthy hours is strenuous.  Many assume that ultimately the routine toys and games will certainly be the preferred selection of the small toddlers. In the long run, the regular playthings and games will certainly interest the children due to the totally free amusement that they offer.

This assurance is stabilized by the upcoming positive trend of numerous toys & games companies venturing into the educational playthings & games bandwagon. More and more companies are following this trend and that is a benefit for kids. They could learn as they play, thus giving youngsters education and amusement. The multimedia firms are also not far behind in maintaining this trend and business like Times Multimedia have introduced lots of online games with educational worth.

Thus, we can wrap up that routine toys & online games are encountering healthy and balanced competition from the multimedia games, internet, and computer systems. internet. In time, the normal toys and games will be in healthy and balanced co-existence with web and multimedia video games.