Top Kid Drones (Part III)

These drones are the perfect window to enjoyment for your children.


It takes time to learn the controls of a drone. While several drones are crafted to be kid-friendly, the Syma X5C takes it one step further with a convenient slow mode.

Once switched, the mighty built-in 6-axis keeps the drone steady in the air letting anyone take control of the flight without worry that this drone will go off into the distance.

As well as the easy to use flight modes, there’s a built-in camera that lets you get a POV perspective from the drone itself.


With its three modes, novices can learn well within their means. Mode 1 offers maximum stability while they become skilled. They can go to Mode 2 for medium speed and Mode 3 for all its bells, tricks, and whistles.

Headless Mode, which is really a help, not a deterrent, means no adjustment to the aircraft is needed before flying. This makes it even easier for beginners to grasp the basics. Add the fact that it’s got fabulous flashy lights and you have a massive, long-term hit.


The Joygeek Mini Drone is one of the toughest and smallest UAVs on this list, making it extremely portable and suspect to falter in the likelihood of a crash.

To make life simpler on new pilots, only a single button push is needed to bring the drone into the land, and a built-in positioning system helps things remain steady in the air, bettering control. The drone also has low and high-speed modes so you can begin slowly as you learn to do basic controls.

Once you’ve got your pilot’s wings, there are several fun 3D flip stunts to explore and fashionable LED lights for when you’re good enough to try a night flight.


Top Kid Drones (Part I)

Your kids will love these drones.

If you’re a parent reading this, we believe your kids have seen your costly camera drone in action and want to fly it themselves. And correctly, you’re possibly worried about giving over the controls of your pride and joy to a child. Luckily the best drones for kids have lots of great features in a littler, more affordable and, most notably safer-to-fly packages.

Kids drones are some of the inexpensive things on the market and as such only focus on a couple of chief features as opposed to the bells and whistles of more high-end models like the DJI Mavic Air. But, this makes them perfect for 1st-time flyers.

In this article, you’ll see which one’s are the best kid drones in terms of performance, safety, and features. You can make the best choice for your child.


When first studying to pilot a drone, your kid’s needs will be fundamental. With that being said, there are a few basics that can truly aid novice pilots: built-in stabilization is good for steadier flights and greater flying confidence, and single button take-off and landing takes care of two tricky maneuvers. Several drones at this level also have altitude hold mode, which helps the drone stay in the air even if you let go of the controls.

You’ll get the top balance of performance and features with the

Altair AA108

The drone has lots of features to help beginners develop, including three flight skill levels and the Altitude Hold mode. The wide-angle camera means children can begin honing their aerial photography skills.


Not all drones for kids are made equal. So, it’s smart to consider a couple of key points before purchasing one. For starters, will your child be flying at home or in the park? If so, you’ll need something a tad bigger, more stable and more powerful so playtime doesn’t end early because of a gust of wind.


Top Water Guns (Part III)

These water guns exceed the standard expectations or fun.


Release your inner Daryl from Walking Dead or go old school with your crossbow style water gun. An amazing blaster moves a streak of water close to 30 feet. Open up the arms on the side to see the possibility of its triple strike streams. Switch to three jets does reduce the reach of your firepower. You don’t have to use this as the primary soaker in any semi-serious game, though, it’s perfect in taking the monotony away from plant watering.


This Quickdraw exotic-looking blaster has a big capacity tank that can be swiftly taken off and on for quick refills. Also, it shoots more than 15 feet in range, making it a commanding long-range choice. It’s heavy and big when filled so it isn’t recommended for very little children. Though, with a reliable, solid build and effortless pump-action firing mechanism, it lets anyone who can carry it deliver severe drenchings on demand.


If soaking your enemy isn’t enough for you, then you must think about the Super Soaker DartFire. It not only fires jets of water at your foes but Nerf darts as well. You don’t receive a lot of darts to fire. Though you can change modes and once your opponent is completely soaked, you can finish him or her off with a foamy coup de grâce.



If you’re trying to fill regular balloons with water in the past, then you’re already halfway to the buy button. Whilst the pleasure of hearing the drop of normal latex water-filled sphere is gratifying enough, the method of loading it is tedious.

Step up Bunch o Balloons, three bunches in each pack, complete with a part for hose attaching. Just cut on the tap and watch them fill up, get all done in under 60 seconds. This replenishing speed signifies you can now depend on them as part of your tactical water warfare arsenal.


Top Water Guns (Part II)

Super soak your enemies.


An impressive piece of plastic this one, with the Surge Mega Hydro measuring at more than four feet high with the telescopic legs completely extended. Hook one of these up to your garden hose and you have a limitless amount of ammo. Just squeeze the trigger to soak anything. Whilst the 360-degree swiveling turret gives all-round cover your vaguely cumbersome H20 artillery leaves you open to a slight attack by handheld water gun-toting enemies. Perfect for recreating machine gun film parts under the guise of watering your lawn.


So you’ve no desire about joining the eco-warriors. Though, of course, you desire to do your bit. Here’s a place to begin honing your green credentials: a water blaster that utilizes all manners of screw-top plastic bottles to reload. It is furnished with one with a tiny 400ml capacity, but it is time to go big. Go get yourself a few of those three-litter bottles. Or, buy one amazing fizzy pop and after discharging it the usual way, you’ve got a good-sized tank to get the soaking going. This blaster could add a fascinating layer to many age-old tricks.


Transporting Super Soaker design off in a new direction is where you get this interesting looking piece. Also, by interesting we’re alluding to things commendable of a double take from others, like a pair of colored shoes. Yes, this blaster was put into a fashion parade. As well as offering a good stream of water output created from the handle on top. It commands a specific amount of swank. Folks have tried to walk usually with this in hand. Though no, it will just have you walking with a tilt.

Top Water Guns (Part I)

These water guns will bring out the most fun.

Super Soakers, huh? Water way to have a fabulous time.

On the very hot days that are getting to be the norm for summer, nothing beats having a top water gun and soaking friends and foes on a blazing afternoon.

There are numerous great Super Soakers now. Regardless of what type or size you desire on the market, here is a selection of the absolute best.

There are compact, small, very portable shooters, heavy-duty water blasters for accurate long-range assaults, and even garden hose-connected H20 artillery ones for when you desire to take down a whole group of enemies.

Therefore, if you’re presently in the market for a topnotch water gun, then keep reading to learn about the best selection of hardware.


Sending a solid stream of H20 a good eight meters or so, this blaster can form the foundation of your aqua unleashing arsenal. The pump-action puts the flow in motion and with a good two-liter capacity targets will get wetter than your clothes in the rinse cycle. This Super Soaker is also the highly entertaining and perfect method of discouraging un-wanted critters from your lawn. No, this isn’t referring to your backyard barbecue guests.


After a laidback “would you like ice with that” remark from the host of the yearly Super Soaker creative team’s BBQ, one person still had his work hat on. Within days, the Freezefire was made, a jumbo filler cap in which to put cubes of ice and the capability to send an icy cold stream during water gun wars. It’s a neat little Super Soaker and one little enough to take into a surprise soaking session. It is quite possible to turn this one into a container to pour sangria.

Best AR Toys (Part III)

Parker is a whole new level of teddy bear.


Forget the adorability! This ball of fur is cleverer than your average bear!

Filled with games and puzzles, Parker the Bear is your cute new BBF. Limited to Apple in the UK, this bear has plenty to teach and tell. Upfront Parker is a traditional bear, no batteries or connectivity inside but brought to life via the app.

Acquire a medical role and remedy his ailments whilst you play and watch his levels get better the more you interact. There’s fun to be released as you get to know your Parker with problems and puzzles to solve.

But more than that, Parker provides a lot of educational content on subject matter such as math, education, science, technology, and arts. There’s no reason not to have a bear like this.


Including an interactive smartpen that taps on the surfaces of the planet to give audio info, this AR-infused globe ticks plenty of boxes.

First, everyone must have a globe at home and this one has all the info on culture, geography, and such with the capability to open and see a solar system in the interior.

Have the AR part functioning and bring all the educational elements to life to keep you informed and entertained.


The Swapbots project has been funded for a while and grafting such as crazy beavers are used to get the product out to the first round of financiers. The latest version of this mixed reality play has folks getting more than they bargained for.

The video-like gameplay of these cardboard boxes is incredible. Nine original creations can have their three pieces exchanged with each other to make new characters, with more than 600 combinations in total delivering vast playing potential. Collect currency, uncover new characters, and create stories.


Best AR Toys (Part II) 



This toy is part of other buying guides. However, this mixed reality stroke of genius warrants its place in this round-up entirely due to its “wow” factor. Put your handset into the headset, put the guidance orb on the floor, boot up and then you’re set. Play is picked from the different planets provided which you look at and push the hilt to select.

As well as fighting the red-faced adversary, there are several more enemies and droids to face off against. You can change up and be a part of battle planning before unleashing AR troops in your office-based battlefield.

Most significantly, you can get down to some typical Star Wars holographic chess.


Cheap as chips but twice as nice. The merge cube has been having a good time overseas with selling millions of its AR infused cubes. There’s no reason we can see it not doing really well elsewhere, too, with the little spongy thing collecting plenty of approvals for its content provided via the QR-like glyphs on each side.

The merge cube has a kid-friendly content platform, the Merge Miniverse, containing more than 24 merge cube app experiences. Merge cube educational experiences let children get immersive and discover by going back in time with Dino Digger and through space on the Galactic Explorer. All inside the body with Anatomy AR which is pure animated excellence.

You can slice watermelon the cube. 

The cube also has gaming experiences like Things with one-minute wonders such as winding a jack in the box out of his dwelling or slicing a watermelon. On their own, fairly mundane tasks. But highly entertaining for a couple of moments.

Other gaming experiences are a striking Minecraft-like game Dig, and leading a virtual ball across different animated terrains in Tiltball, each one taking a minute to perfect and great fun to play. There’s also solid retro gaming Snake Attack which is very cool.

Get on board with this convenient holographic cube and take pleasure in the ride.

Best AR Toys (Part I) 



These AR games are educational too.

completely immersive virtual reality experiences are fabulous. But if you don’t have the time, bank account, or inclination to go deep into that side of digital entertainment then let us select the best AR toys and playthings.

These are the top AR toys on the market, and they are sure to amuse you and your smartphone, while not taking up too much of your time or putting a dent in your wallet. Many of these toys aren’t just AR-infused either but infused with educational value too, meaning that their owner can get brainier while they have crazy fun, too.


See what Iron Man may see as you battle enemies in your front room. With the Hero Vision app and smartphone device put inside the mask, you’ll have the included markers around the place and go into battle, take on AR adventures and typically be as Marvel as you can be.

It is geared at kids but appealing to mature fans to no doubt. There are more than ten levels to play in order to save the earth from mad titan man Thanos with the gauntlet and Infinity Stone accessories.

To get the true max out of your mask set, you’ll have to have a good amount of space and, by moving the AR markers around you’ll receive a new play experience each time. Not a bad piece of superhero wear.


Get your guts out. An AR version of them at least. A real decent party trick for Friday nights. The tee scanned by the app delivers your innards too.

Created as a learning tool, the rib cage styled top pops to life on a smart device for you to have a look around at the wearer’s organs. It produces a pumping heart and lungs at first and then it’s your choice to take things further. Tap on the item of fascination and receive information on how these working parts function whilst going on an entertaining anatomical journey.

The Best Virtual Reality Games for Kids (Part IV) 

Your kids can enter a whole different world with these virtual reality games.

Rec Room

Rec Room is a true VR playground. It lets users come together and play games like charades, paintball, Frisbee golf, and dodgeball in a social setting. Like with anything social, you will meet good folks and not-so-good folks. Overall, it appears to be a really safe and fun environment to discover.

In Rec Room, you begin with your own private “dorm room” where you create and outfit your in-game avatar. You choose gender, clothing, hairstyle, and accessories. Once correctly outfitted, you move to the common area called the “locker room” where you get relaxed with the controls, meet with other players, and determine what games you want to play. You can start and stop a game when you want and are taken back to the locker room area.

Rec Room is fun for anyone. Though, recently, creators have limited access to 13 years and older.

Fantastic Contraption

Fantastic Contraption is an ingenious game in which you make “contraptions” (simple machines) to pilot obstacles in every level of the game. You construct these simple machines out of animal-like parts that you get from a cat. Once you’ve built and put together your machine, you test it to see if it will do its intended function so that you can finish the level. If it doesn’t, you perform changes and try it again. The game necessitates plenty of trial and error.

Fantastic Contraption is a blast. It entails creativity and problem-solving. You receive a few basic parts (wheels, axles, etc.), and it’s your job to construct something that will work and let you go to the next level. It’s a true STEM-inspired game.

Controlling the virtual machine parts in VR has you feeling like a mechanical engineer. It may be just the spark that some child needs to determine they want to do this for a living.



The Best Virtual Reality Games for Kids (Part III)

If your child likes mini golf, this vibrant game is one that they will love.

Cloudlands VR Minigolf

Remember going on family trips when you were a child and winding up at a miniature golf course? They always had some cheesy dinosaur or pirate theme. But you were a child and you loved that stuff, so it was incredible.

Cloudlands VR Minigolf tries to refine that “putt-putt” experience and bring it into the VR world, and they have done a pretty great job of making it into an immersive experience.

Cloudlands is colorful and bright and the controls are simple to use. That doesn’t mean it’s simple to play though. This game can be as challenging as mini-golf is in the real world. However, that frustration is what makes it maddening and fun for all ages.

The included courses are both complex and fun. But the real replay value comes from the game’s “course creation mode.” You can create and play your very own mini-golf courses, and you don’t have to tear up no one’s backyard to do it. You can even share your course with everyone when you’ve done making your masterpiece. You can play courses fabricated by other users too.

It’s easy to play, fun, and you can create and play your very own mini-golf course.

Smashbox Arena

Smashbox Arena is a part first-person shooter and part multiplayer dodgeball.

This game is dodgeball on steroids. There are many types of game balls, from homing missile-type balls to balls that change into huge rolling boulders that can crush enemies. You can even get a sniper-rifle-type dodgeball shooter for long-range, precise shots.

Many game modes and arenas make for all sorts of fun. If this game’s popularity sustains, there will always be someone to play against. If no human players are accessible, you can still play bot matches against AI opponents.

Even though this is a multiplayer first-person shooter, it’s basically just dodgeball, so there isn’t guts and blood involved, which keeps the game kid-friendly.