William Davis here!

I am a collector of toys, dolls, and any old thing that strikes my fancy.

I have seen much of the world and now I want to sit back and relax while sharing my collections and knowledge with the world. My grandson says that I have a lot to share and so we shall see.

I may or may not have him helping me with this here blog thing. He thinks that I should capture some of the things I have seen and learned along the way.

I don’t know – maybe no one will ever read this and it will be for just my grandson and me.

I am ok with that too.

If you ever have any questions or want to know something, just contact me over on the contact page and I will do my best to answer you.

Of course, keep in mind that I am more of a hands on, outdoors kind of man and not much for sitting behind a desk.

Oh, and before I go, my grandson said I needed a picture, so here you go….enjoy!

William Davis