Best AR Toys (Part I) 



These AR games are educational too.

completely immersive virtual reality experiences are fabulous. But if you don’t have the time, bank account, or inclination to go deep into that side of digital entertainment then let us select the best AR toys and playthings.

These are the top AR toys on the market, and they are sure to amuse you and your smartphone, while not taking up too much of your time or putting a dent in your wallet. Many of these toys aren’t just AR-infused either but infused with educational value too, meaning that their owner can get brainier while they have crazy fun, too.


See what Iron Man may see as you battle enemies in your front room. With the Hero Vision app and smartphone device put inside the mask, you’ll have the included markers around the place and go into battle, take on AR adventures and typically be as Marvel as you can be.

It is geared at kids but appealing to mature fans to no doubt. There are more than ten levels to play in order to save the earth from mad titan man Thanos with the gauntlet and Infinity Stone accessories.

To get the true max out of your mask set, you’ll have to have a good amount of space and, by moving the AR markers around you’ll receive a new play experience each time. Not a bad piece of superhero wear.


Get your guts out. An AR version of them at least. A real decent party trick for Friday nights. The tee scanned by the app delivers your innards too.

Created as a learning tool, the rib cage styled top pops to life on a smart device for you to have a look around at the wearer’s organs. It produces a pumping heart and lungs at first and then it’s your choice to take things further. Tap on the item of fascination and receive information on how these working parts function whilst going on an entertaining anatomical journey.