Best Board Games (Part I)

These games have grown in popularity over the past few years. 

In the last 10 years, tabletop games have grown in popularity. But the best board games are nothing like your old game of Monopoly. Instead, a new wave of games uses creative ideas and engaging themes to give you a very good time with your family and friends.

One of the biggest reasons they’ve taken off so much is that they give folks a focus for coming together in one place and taking pleasure in each other’s company in a time when so much of our social lives take place on social media.

But to be sure that folks are always having fun and loving to get together often, you’ll want to be sure you’re bringing the perfect board games for your group to the table.

With this in mind, below are the best board game choices.


Though its name might be needlessly complex, Quacks is simple to teach and simple to play. Most of the game entails reaching into a bag of tokens and then reveling in the ecstasy or agony of what you’ve drawn. Particularly since it was you who determined which tokens went in there.

The concept is that you’re all fake potion makers, creating a brew using the ingredients discovered in your bag. You reach in, get a token, take it out and put it in your ‘pot’, which is really a score track. Pull out top-quality ingredients and you’ll go along the track more rapidly, providing you with more points at the end of the round. You’re all doing this together, watching each other’s success as you go.

You’ll unavoidably find yourself playing Russian Roulette with your bag. You’ve pulled plenty of cherry bombs, and if you draw the one left in your bag you’ll blow. But you know there are five other tokens in your bag too. You’ll receive a nice bonus if can go a little further up the track. Feeling lucky?