Best Board Games (Part IV)

These games are great to play with family and friends. 


Welcome To is a game about town planning, somewhat. Truthfully, the homes have already been constructed and you’re just completing them. You have to number houses on some streets using numbers that are pulled from decks of cards. You pick from one of three digits every turn.

Once the turn is done, new cards are turned over, with new actions that they’re unintentionally paired with. Each time you play, some scoring goals are varied. There are plenty of ways to go for points, so even though everyone is writing on their own personal pad from the same sets of cards in the middle, you all end up making your own fun puzzle to solve later on. Though, it depends on what you do at the beginning.

It’s a very easy game that doesn’t take long to play. The scoring system is difficult enough that younger kids might miss their distinctions. You don’t have anything to do with other players in this game. Your discussions will be more about commiseration of how you’ve all were able to get stuck in a cul de sac. And it plays with any number of players. All that’s needed is a sheet of paper and a pen.


Flamme Rouge is a game of bicycle racing. Every player has two riders in a team, and the goal is to get just one of them over the finish line before your opponents. Along the way, you’re competing for the best position for your riders, but that spot isn’t really the first place.

Just like real bike racing, Flamme Rouge urges you to create a pack. If you’re in front, your rider will get more tired. If you’re behind someone else, you’ll have a simpler ride by being in their slipstream. So, in a dream race, you’ll be 2nd the whole way, until the last turn, when you’ll break out into the lead.

You get good assortment from the box. The track is modular and assorted variations add hills, which significantly change what cards you’ll desire to play. It has loads of track suggestions in the box, but there’s also an app for creating and sharing your own, as well as finding ones others have constructed.