Best Games Like World of Warcraft (Part II)

You’ll find just as much enjoyment if not more playing these games than you do playing World of Warfare.


Warframe is a third-person shooter that’s special in its own way. While remaining true to its genre of MMO, Warframe manages to provide an MMO experience like never before.

Warframe lets you control warriors of an ancient race who are at war with other factions. It’s co-op focused action gameplay makes it a unique action title in this list. There are tons of various characters to select from and every one of them has their distinct abilities. Yes, Warframe might not sound like a perfect WoW alternative, but it’s an excellent game to play if you want to take some time off WoW.

Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls franchise requires no introduction. Meaning, it’s a franchise that’s been ruling the RPG genre for years now. Well, the Elder Scrolls Online is the same. It’s a fantasy game that gets inspiration from many different worlds. Elder Scrolls Online takes place on the continent of Tamriel, where you, as a player, will get to pick to be a part of one of the three factions.

You might not find Elder Scrolls Online to be an alternative to World of Warcraft, but there’s plenty to be explored in the world of Elder Scrolls Online. It’s one of the top multiplayer games to try out. 


Rift is really one of the most fascinating MMOs out there and it has plenty of tools and features that it could be the possible World of Warcraft killer in a few years. Nonetheless, it’s still one of the largest MMOs out there since it has taken all the good aspects of MMO games and combines them into one exciting game that mesmerizes anyone who tries it out. 

The game has two factions that are at consistent war against each other and you have to aid your side in winning the war. It’s like all other MMORPGs out here with resource gathering and character building. Besides that, you have to look for any Rifts in the world and close them before the enemy begins coming out of them.