Best Games Like World of Warcraft (Part IV)

Enter into a fantasy world while playing Neverwinter. 


Dungeons & Dragons is a big fantasy world where various creatures of magic and could live. There are good forces and dark forces clashing at each corner in this world. If you remember the old-school comics or cartoons, then you understand how incredible and immersive the world of Dungeons & Dragons can be. 

If you’ve been playing the table-top RPG then you are going to enjoy Neverwinter since this game will let you experience that fantastic world and travel it on your console or PC. Pick one of the provided races and go on an enchanted adventure in the world of Neverwinter. This is the closest to World of Warcraft you are going to get on a console.

Black Desert Online

Following a lot of fanfare after its start in Korea, Black Desert Online made its way to the worldwide market very soon and managed to deliver on the hype. It’s a game in the list which takes complete advantage of MMO genre to deliver addictive gameplay that’s also being enhanced over time.

What makes Black Desert Online stand out from the other games is its rapid action combat and instinctive property management elements. From making alliances to get your own buildings, Black Desert Online provides everything. You can have control over a whole city if you are able. It’s a pretty good game.


Skyforge is an excellent game that allows you to play as an immortal warrior in a technologically advanced sci-fi format. Unlike several other MMORPG titles in which matchmaking is a big issue, Skyforge allows its players to alter the class of their character at any time. Not only does it get rid of the matchmaking hitch, but it also lets players have a unique experience every time they log in.