Best Racing Games for iPhones (Part II)


Try out these racing games on your iPhone.

Eden Games, the studio behind Gear.Club, is well known for coming up with games such as Test Drive Unlimited on consoles and PCs. So, it’s not a surprise that Gear.Club is on the list of best racing games for iOS. From the beginning, the game looks fabulous regardless of the iOS device that you’re playing the game on.

Gear.Club takes a simulation-style approach that united with a free-to-play model. You’ll be messing with a list of the best racing cars on earth. They appear exotic as they look in the real world. Also, you’ll have to fine-tune your vehicle if you want to be on top of your game while competing with some leading players. 

Reckless Racing 3

Reckless Racing 3 is the sequel to the famous “Reckless Racing” and “Reckless Racing 2” series. The game has the same gameplay as its predecessors and is plenty of fun. There are several game modes that you can play such as the arcade and career mode. In the arcade mode, you don’t have to worry about the car you have or any upgrades. You just need to wind up on the podium in order to unlock the next levels.

If you’re just looking for casual and straight-up fun, then arcade mode is meant for you. Though, the career mode has plenty of features that one would anticipate from a full-featured racing game. You can upgrade existing cars, purchase new cars, and do way more in the garage. You need to keep your car functioning well in order to proceed through the career mode. 

The graphics in the game are really nice to look at. The gameplay itself is plenty of fun. It might take you a few races to get the precise turning mechanism correct. But, when you get past that, you’ll enjoy the game. It is one of the finest, hardest, and best racing games for iPhone that you can play.