Best Racing Games for iPhones (Part V)

Play an arcade-style racing game anywhere on your iPhone.

Traffic Rider

If you want to get a feel for arcade-style motorcycle driving, then Traffic Rider is the game for you. The game is a little old, but it’s one of the top first-person motorcycle games on the App Store. It was even on the list of Apple’s Best of 2016.

As the name signifies, Traffic Rider sees you as a bike rider who travels through congested traffic. Your aim is to go through the traffic without harming vehicles on the way. For this you get points. You’ll get a larger bonus for evading oncoming traffic. You can use these reward points to purchase new motorcycles or upgrade your current whip. Traffic Rider has an incredible career mode that provides a selection of fun game modes and missions that worth playing.

GRID Autosport

The GRID Autosport is one of the only paid games on this list. It’s one of the top racing simulator games on the market. It is totally worth the asking price. The game takes total advantage of the iPhone hardware to deliver glossy console-quality graphics.

Also, GRID Autosport lets you experience with a host of various race modes that go from endurance to street racing with some topnotch racing cars. The best thing about GRID Autosport is that it has scaling difficulty which makes it accessible to both hardcore and casual gamers alike.

These iPhone games are going to keep you engaged for a long time. Regardless if you’re bored or waiting for a friend to show up, all you have to do to kill time is pick up your phone and get to racing. If you know of any other top racing games for iPhone that you believe deserve to be on this list, let us know by sending us a comment.