Best Sandbox Games Like Minecraft (Part I)

If you love playing Minecraft then you’ll love these games too. 

Minecraft is a well-liked sandbox game that lets players create an exclusive world and lets them protect it. The game does not limit the players with linear gameplay and tasks. Instead, it allows them to use their creativity to construct a shelter and have boundless possibilities. 

This is the reason why Minecraft is a favorite with plenty of gamers as well as this new concept of simulated gaming. In the mission to discover more games like Minecraft, there are many games that have similar gameplay mechanics and themes. Keep reading this article to learn about the best games like Minecraft which you can enjoy limitlessly.


Terraria is a sandbox game similar to Minecraft where you have to search the deep expanse of forest to survive. You start with a pickaxe and a sword to discover resources not to mention defend yourself from skeletons, zombies, and flying eyes. Keep in the mind, though, this is a 2D game. 

You can’t roam around anywhere, and you must stick to one path. But the best part about Terraria is that there are thrilling crafting, explorations, combat, and mining for which Minecraft is really popular.


Eco is another one of those incredible games like Minecraft where players have to create a civilization using restricted resources from their world. They have to sustain the ecosystem while discovering new ways to stay alive. If you burn coal, the air gets contaminated. Likewise, if you chop down more trees, the forest ecosystem becomes fragile. 

Unlike Minecraft, here you have consequences for your actions while also making weapons and safeguarding oneself from enemies. It’s a game that is less about destruction and more about creation. You should really play Eco if you want a game like Minecraft but with more responsibility.