Best Sandbox Games Like Minecraft (Part III)

Explore the galaxy while playing Astroneer. 


Astroneer is an excellent game of discovery and adventure that takes place in the farthest planet of our universe. The game is set in the 25th century when Intergalactic exploration is a possibility. You could be an Astroneer and search the outer space to discover rare resources and resolve the mystery behind the existence of the universe. 

The theme is similar to Minecraft where you have to endanger your life and discover new ways to survive. You can build a space base and new vehicles which can transport you to another planet. It’s a fabulous survival-adventure game similar to Minecraft but set in outer space.

Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve is a vastly acclaimed game. Players like to make comparisons with Minecraft’s inhabitable world. Also, it’s an open-world survival-adventure video game with plenty of possibilities and delivers endless imagination. 

Unlike Minecraft where you have to construct weapons using natural resources, here you have a good blend of magic and science. It makes the gameplay plenty exciting and you can do what you want. You are a scientist where you have to flee a mysterious world full of wilderness. It’s a great and exciting game and you will love playing it for sure.

Fortnite: Save The World

Not many realize but Fortnite has another co-operative game called Save The World where players have to save the survivors after a horrible attack on Earth. The theme is just like Minecraft where players co-ordinate with each other and gather as many resources as they can to construct a fortress and fight the storm. 

Along the way, you can build traps against weird creatures and weapons. The weird creatures have taken Earth hostage. Simply put, Fortnite: Save The World is a thrilling game and you will love every bit of the survival-adventure action.