Best Sandbox Games Like Minecraft (Part V)

Explore various terrains while playing Blockheads.


Blockheads is a timeless game just like Minecraft which is only available on cell phones. It’s an action-survival sandbox video game where you can openly roam around and create your world. Like Minecraft, you can explore forests, deserts, mountains, and all the wilderness to make your shelter and stay alive.  

Also, there are snowy mountain tops and complex caves that you have to survive using amassed resources. Though, do note that it’s not a 3D like Minecraft. The gameplay has a 2D world. Blockhead has what will have you yearning for a survival game on your cell phone.


Crashlands is a well-known role-playing and action-adventure video game with unique characters. It’s not precisely like Minecraft where you build your world and sustain it, but there are remarkable survival techniques. You will definitely love them. Also, you will have to explore the planet and discover rare resources jeopardizing your life. 

In the process, you will make new tools, weapons, and face bizarre creatures of the planet. You can make your base, inventory and prepare for a possible attack. Crashlands is all about survival and how you handle midnight zombies.

Block Story

Block Story is a role-playing video game, taking place in a distant land where bizarre creatures have taken over your biome and you are on a run to save to your life. Though, the fascinating part is that there are a few creatures that can help if you finish a quest. When completed, you get a reward. With your reward, you can get anything such as weapons, dragons, and armors. 

After doing multiple quests, you can collect enough power to ward off the attackers and free folks from the terror. It’s a model game of survival and you should not neglect it.