Best Toys for Elderly Canines (Part I) 

While older dogs don’t need as much exercise as puppies, it is still crucial they stay active. Habitual play sessions get the blood going to the joints, which can relieve pain and reduce the progression of arthritis. Also, playing helps stop weight gain as the metabolism diminishes, and keeps your senior’s brain functioning, helping to keep away any mental disorders. Additionally, just because your pooch is aging, doesn’t mean he can’t still enjoy a great toy.

Regardless of your old furry friend loves to catch a frisbee, snuggle a plushie, chew a bone, use his noggin, or chase a ball, there are plenty of perfect toys.

The BetterBall

The BetterBall is a toy your dog will enjoy.

Crafted with shelter pups in mind, the BetterBall is ideal for dogs of any age, such as those with diminished vision, weakened jaw muscles, or dental problems. Made from sturdy, pet-safe, non-toxic EVA foam, it is resilient enough to last but soft enough to be easy on brittle teeth. Senior pups can fetch, bounce or swim with this flexible ball and the bright orange-red color makes it simple to find during play.

If your senior pooch can no longer run and fetch, the BetterBall also acts as a treat toy. Just fill it with a healthy snack and watch as your dog exercises his mouth and mind getting to his favorite food.

Paying it forward: each time you buy a BetterBall another will be donated to a shelter dog. Displaying a playful nature is what gets a puppy or dog adopted.

Bird Ball

The Bird Ball is the size of a tennis ball, bringing new life to the game of fetch. Every ball is two various colors making it simpler for senior eyes to find. There are 12 distinct holes that make whistling bird chirps when it is flung so dogs can track the sound.