Best Toys for Elderly Canines (Part II)


Flying Disc

These toys are great options to give your elderly canine friend some much needed play time without the strain.

Disc-loving senior pets don’t have to retreat just because they have dental issues. The Flexible Flying Disc is made of soft but resilient natural rubber to stop injury or pain. Remember, jumping can be hard on older joints, so be sure your old furry friend doesn’t overdo it.

Best Interactive Toys:

Brain Ball

These toys may look like just treat dispensers from the outside, but inside are several levels of tiers to stop the treats from falling out. Seniors must focus and get active in order to get their treat. As they play, roll, bounce, romp, and bite, they are getting the necessary exercise while giving their brain some exercise.

Hedgehog Hide and Hunt Plush Toy

Elderly dogs can keep their brains sharp and practice their coordination skills as they hide and find three cute little furry hedgehogs inside their matching den.

Nina Ottosson Puzzle Games & Toys

Brain exercises are just as vital for 14-year-old dogs as they are for 14-week-old puppies. Nina Ottosson began creating puzzle toys for her own dogs to enhance both their mental and physical health after she had puppies. Her toys are created for any age and intelligence level so you can pick the best match for your old pet.

Chew Toys:

Fresh Mint Scented Brushing Ball

This elaborate chew toy is made of sturdy rubber, filled with mint scent, and wrapped in nubs and spikes to help scrape away plaque gums and teeth. The more your senior pup plays and chews, the cleaner his mouth will smell and look.


This exceptional rubber toy was originally crafted as a piece of agricultural equipment. When inventor, Mark Smith saw how much his dog loved gnawing on it, the AgriChew was born. The flexible, yet tough material is totally pet-safe and durable with just the right amount of giving to be gentle on senior teeth and gums. Fill the center hole with peanut butter or little treats for an added chew incentive.