Best Toys for Elderly Canines (Part III) 

Senior Kong

Almost every dog owner is aware of the red rubber snowman-shaped toy that is the traditional Kong. The purple senior dog version is crafted to be tenderer on aging teeth and gums while still offering the chewing, fetching, and issue-solving experience dogs adore.

Hear Doggy Plushies

Dogs love the pleasing squeak they get when playing with their plushies, but as they get older, hearing loss can make them lose interest in their favorite squeakers. The products made by Hear Doggy function at a high frequency that is only perceptible to dogs. The toys are created to give owners a reprieve from nonstop squeaking, but dogs with partial hearing loss keep the ability to hear these higher frequencies, making Hear Doggy toys a good choice for senior furry family members.

Stinky Squeaker Sneaker

Play is important for all dogs regardless of their age.

There’s nothing your dog likes more than your scent – the funkier the better! When left home alone, things with your familiar aroma can help bring comfort and anxiety relief, particularly for senior dogs that may be having disorienting vision loss, hearing loss or cognitive dysfunction.

Just stuff a dirty sock inside the cute sneaker-shaped plushie and give it to your doggie to play or snuggle with! You might want to take a look at the adorable pink Stinky Squeaker Slipper as well.

Doggie Dice

There are several delightful bonding choices hiding inside this little plush cube. Regardless of what activity level your senior dog is at, Doggie Dice offers a chance for play. Each of the six sides lists a different activity you can enjoy together, like selfies ad belly rubs.

Even though your pet’s puppy years are way behind him, his need to play is still powerful. Playtime delivers mental stimulation to senior dogs, keeping their cognitive skills in topnotch shape, and helps them sustain a youthful personality.