Best Toys for Pre-Schoolers

Encourage your kid’s motor skills and imagination with these great toys that combine the new gadgets with old-school classics.

LEGO or DUPLO blocks

For preschoolers, DUPLO are the ideal size. LEGO are great as math tools to learn about patterns, measurement, counting, and shapes.


Dress-up pieces don’t need to be fancy. Make it as simple as hats, scarves, gloves, bandanas, masks, capes, and costume jewelry. You can find some dress up pieces on Etsy. Check out these favorite and popular shops for dress-up items: Philly Pop Designs, A Joyful Bow, and Hunting Faeries.


The most favorite and well-known puzzles are made by Melissa and Doug and Mudpuppy. Melissa and Doug craft the best chunky wooden block puzzles that are ideal for little hands. The pieces make for fun figurines and imaginary play too. Mudpuppy has the most amazing puzzles. Our favorites include My Very Long Puzzles, Geography Puzzles, and Search and Find Puzzles.

Cooperative Board Games by Peaceable Kingdom

These types of board games are absolute favorites among preschoolers. Cooperative games teach team play in which there aren’t any losers or winners. The team loses or wins as a unit instead of individually.

This concept is fantastic for preschoolers who are still absorbing crucial skills like sharing, cooperating, and teamwork. Our favs from Peaceable Kingdom for preschoolers are Dinosaur Escape, Count Your Chickens, Feed the Woozle, and Stack Up! Feed the Woozle works like a movement game and is ideal for busy little bodies. Everyone loves Stack Up! as it gets kids working together to finish a common task while using their fine motor skills.

Fine Motor Tool Sets

These tool sets are a must for play to enhance sensory or motor skills. Fine motor tools aid to build up little hands to train children for writing.