Best Toys for Seniors (Part I) 

Realistic Baby Dolls for Dementia Patients

Realistic baby dolls have been revealed to help delight and calm Dementia patients

These baby dolls bring joy to those with Dementia. 

There’s are online boards that give support and comfort to those either facing dementia themselves or for the caregivers who care for these people. All dementia types are discussed such as Lewy Body, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.

Each of these dementias shows themselves with specific symptoms.

Though, one thing the dementia patients all have in common, regardless of their diagnosis, is how they react when presented with these realistic baby dolls!

Some caregivers like to see the light come back into their patient’s eyes. Lots of dementia patients will sing, hold, rock their realistic baby dolls…an incredible change.

Doll therapy is being used in nursing and retirement homes.

Sensory Toys

Sensory toys have been shown to help relax the busy, fidgeting hands of dementia or Alzheimer’s patient.

Fidgeting and constant movements are two very common symptoms of the disease that some Alzheimer’s or dementia patients display.

One way to calm them down is to pass on the fidgeting through the use of some fascinating sensory toys. Studies show the busier the hands, the more engaged the mind.

Fidget Spinners for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients

Regardless of your age, humans need to be active and to play. Engaging in life, in whatever capacity, is very important for the elderly and those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

The latest item in the spotlight is the fidget spinner. Some say it’s a toy, others call it therapy for the child, or adult, with ADD, ADHD, anxiety or those who fidget.

For many folks, though, playing with a fidget spinner is easily a way to remain focused and engaged in a pleasurable activity.

For someone with dementia, playing with a spinner can soothe an agitated mind. The person may not be aware of the therapeutic benefits, but they’re apparent nonetheless.