Best Toys for Seniors (Part II) 

Electronic Breathing Pets

Electronic breathing pets do just that. These dogs and cats “breathe” with the use of batteries. Placing one of these sleepy pets on the lap of an elderly person can have a quick calming effect, particularly for pet lovers who can no longer have pets.

Pet lovers can’t even think about one day without their dog. If you’re a pet lover in a retirement or nursing home, it can be heartbreaking.

Instead of grieving the loss of a beloved pet, an electronic breathing pet can give anyone (but, particularly, the Alzheimer’s or dementia patient) something to care for and love.

Also, electronic breathing pets have rhythmic breathing that can help restless patients, such as those with Sundowners.

Comfort Breathing Pets for The Dog Lover

These little doggies are great to lay on an Alzheimer’s patient’s lap. They not only give a calming effect, but they may even help sleep with the rhythmic breathing these pets offer.

There are plenty of varieties of these electronic pets online at places like Amazon, Walmart, and Caregiver Products. You could purchase one that reminds your elderly loved one of a past pet.

Legos For Seniors

Legos are great for senior citizens.

If you have a senior friend who has a mental diagnosis, like Alzheimer’s or Dementia or is bed-bound, Legos is the perfect way to spend quality time with them doing a simple creative project.

There is plenty of advantage of giving a set of Legos to an elderly loved one. Even when you’re not around, your senior can have a good time building something.

Legos encourage creativity into your senior citizen friend’s life. With endless building choices, your senior friend can make their own town, build fences, or construct a building. The possibilities are endless. A nice one is the Lego Birds Model Kit.