Books to Help Children Cope with a New Sibling

Becoming a big sister or brother is a life-changing occurrence. You’re probably eager to do what’s needed to help make this an easy transition for your first born. As a matter of fact, you’ll most likely spend a good part of your pregnancy fretting about the child you already have rather than the one growing in your stomach.

To help your kid prepare for the birth and the coming of your new bundle, you’ll want to let him or her know what to expect. A new baby indicates huge changes for your older child and the more prepared the child is, the better. Books are a solid way of educating your child about babies. You can discuss the problems raised, being sure to concentrate on what he or she was like when they was a newborn and how the new baby is similar.

Hello Baby by Jenni Overend

This is one of the most amazing books on the list and you’ll grapple to get through it without crying (darn hormones). The tale tells about a beautiful. calm, gentle home birth. The narrator (child) describes how mamma might make loud sounds during contractions and also talks about the midwife and the things she brings with her to assist with the birth. Also, the book touches on the daddy’s role in supporting mama during labor, a point that is helpful in preparing the child.

My New Baby by Rachel Fuller

This classic book is for younger children under the age of two. My New Baby concentrates on things seen by a toddler, providing you with plenty of chances to discuss a newborn baby’s needs.

Our Water Baby by Amy MacLean

Written by an antenatal instructor, this book is ideal for preschoolers and older. Mommy is going to have another baby and Oliver is curious about how the baby will be born. Through Oliver’s questions, the book tells in an age-appropriate manner all about giving birth at home and water births.