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Don’t Throw Those Old Toys Away! Your Vintage Toys are Valuable!

Check the basement and raid your parents’ attic! Some toys from your past are worth a fortune!

Regardless if you were whipping up little treats in an Easy Bake Oven or hugging a Care Bear, we all have that one toy that remains in our memories of childhood. We’re prepared to take a trip down memory lane, getting all our favorite throwback toys. Even topping reliving the past? Buying things from it to share with your own children.

Fisher Price Chatter Phone

Rotary dial phones are now antiquated, but you can still buy this toy, which went on sell in the 60s. Use it to show your kid how your grandparents or even you made phone calls.

Easy Bake Oven

Yes, your children can still cook with a light bulb, just like you did in the 1980s. The cake mixes and the colors of the oven have altered, but the rest is remarkably the same.

Adult supervision necessary, as well as a healthy dose of interest in the finished product.


Snoopy snow cone machine

For over 25 years, children have loved making frozen treats with the Snoopy Snow Cone machine. Or, more precisely, kids have liked asking their parents to finish blending ice cubes into snow cones. A word to the wise: This machine needs more muscle than any kid under ten can provide.

View Master

Talk about lasting technology. The View-Master instrument and slide technology is almost unchanged since being established close to 100 years ago. While you may have snapped through reels of E.T. or the original Battle Star Galactica, your kids can now appreciate reels of Dora the Explorer or Finding Nemo. Unlike your portable DVD player, this thing will certainly not run out of batteries or require a charge.