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Top Toys for Teenagers

The toys below have been chosen by parents as the best toys for teens and tweens. Rather than depending upon ambiguous manufacturer recommendations, we ask adults with pre-teen and teen children. We hope you find this list of the best toys for teens useful in your quest for the ideal gift for Christmas, a birthday, Hanukkah, or graduation.

I Wrote a Book About You

What’s the best way to let someone know that you care about them? Write a book about them! Fun, lighthearted, and sweet, this book is made to be filled out by you and given to someone you like.

Every page gives you an exciting prompt such as “I’ve put some thought into this and I just wanted to tell you that, honestly, it’s kind of crazy how _____ you are.”

All you need to do is fill in the blanks and quickly the whole book is a wonderfully powerful and meaningful gift.

SpokeLit LED Wheel Light with Disc-O-Select

Ride your bike at night in style and safety. Just put this tool onto the spokes of your wheel, push it towards the rim until it fits tight, and push the button to pick your setting. You can put it to one of six colors or leave it cycling through the color-changing Disc-O style. Water and shock resistant and simple to install, this gift will completely transform your young adult’s nighttime bike-riding.

WordTeasers: American Trivia

Put your expertise of America to the test!

“What popular summertime food treat got its start in Missouri in 1904?” – “Which is the only state in the U.S. that was once ruled by a king?”

Use your brain and dive into the corners of your memory to attempt and answer these sorts of questions. The answer is on the other side of the card.

Books to Help Children Cope with a New Sibling

Becoming a big sister or brother is a life-changing occurrence. You’re probably eager to do what’s needed to help make this an easy transition for your first born. As a matter of fact, you’ll most likely spend a good part of your pregnancy fretting about the child you already have rather than the one growing in your stomach.

To help your kid prepare for the birth and the coming of your new bundle, you’ll want to let him or her know what to expect. A new baby indicates huge changes for your older child and the more prepared the child is, the better. Books are a solid way of educating your child about babies. You can discuss the problems raised, being sure to concentrate on what he or she was like when they was a newborn and how the new baby is similar.

Hello Baby by Jenni Overend

This is one of the most amazing books on the list and you’ll grapple to get through it without crying (darn hormones). The tale tells about a beautiful. calm, gentle home birth. The narrator (child) describes how mamma might make loud sounds during contractions and also talks about the midwife and the things she brings with her to assist with the birth. Also, the book touches on the daddy’s role in supporting mama during labor, a point that is helpful in preparing the child.

My New Baby by Rachel Fuller

This classic book is for younger children under the age of two. My New Baby concentrates on things seen by a toddler, providing you with plenty of chances to discuss a newborn baby’s needs.

Our Water Baby by Amy MacLean

Written by an antenatal instructor, this book is ideal for preschoolers and older. Mommy is going to have another baby and Oliver is curious about how the baby will be born. Through Oliver’s questions, the book tells in an age-appropriate manner all about giving birth at home and water births.

Top Books for Teaching Children How to Read

Most children will learn to read between the ages of four and seven years old. By age four most children begin attending school. While your child’s teacher plays a big part in teaching them to read, as a parent you are partially responsible for their success. So where do parents begin by teaching their children to read? Books of course! You may not be sure of where to start when it comes to choosing the right books for your children to learn to read. Allow me to help you select a few to get you and your little one started on the right page.

“Puddle’s ABC’s” by Hollie Hobbie is an excellent book to get started. “Puddle’s ABC’s” is primarily an alphabet book. Before your child can learn to read, they must first know their alphabet. “Puddle’s ABC’s” is a story about an adorable character named Puddle. In the story, Puddle teaches his friend Otto the letters of the alphabet and how to use them to write his name.

Dr. Seuss books have always been famous for teaching children by using repetition in their text. Repetition is a great way to show children to recognize their first words while reading. Some good Dr. Seuss books to read with your child are “Green Eggs and Ham,” and “Hop on Pop.”

A good book for your child to start reading on his or her own is Hug by Jez Alborough. “Hug” is one of a few books by this author that contains several easy to sound out words with a sweet chimpanzee named Bobo. The other books like this one by this author are Yes” and “Tall.”

Wordless picture books can also be an excellent way to get your child to start recognizing words before they become school aged. A good picture book to start with is “A Ball for Daisy” by Chris Raschka. This book is focused on Daisy’s emotions when a dog destroys her ball, and then another one replaces it.