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The History and Legacy of Betsy Wetsy

Betsy Wetsy was a drink and wet doll that urinated after liquid poured into her mouth. This doll was initially produced by the Ideal Toy Company of New York in 1934. She became one of the most popular toys of its kind in the post-World War ll baby boom era. Betsy Wetsy was one of the first baby dolls to be made in African American versions. The doll was made with molded plastic hair, wigs, or plugged hair in the colors of brown, red, or blonde. Her arms and legs were jointed, and she had deep blue sleep eyes with long eyelashes. The doll came with bottles, a plastic bathtub, and a layette.

The doll had previously been manufactured by Effanbee called “Dy-Dee.” However, a patent infringement lawsuit resulted. The judge ruled that urinating and drinking were natural movements and cannot be patented. Betsy Wetsy was named after the daughter of Abraham Katz who was the head of Ideal Toy Company of New York.

The doll was made in several sizes throughout the 1940’s but didn’t reach full popularity until the 1950’s. A version made in China was marketed in the 1980’s by Ideal intending to boost sales. However, they never saw the success of the original doll.

Despite Betsy never picking up the original sales, she did leave a legacy. In 2003, the Toy Industry Association named Betsy Wetsy on its Century of Toys List. This list commemorates the 100 most memorable toys of the 20th century. Doing a google search of Betsy Wetsy will provide you with a few options to still purchase the doll. The cost of the doll ranges depending on the year and the condition. A very early 1930’s version exists for purchase at $168. There is no 1940’s version that shows for sale, the rest listed are 1950’s and 60’s. There is no doubt that this doll inspired other’s and perhaps even some that are popular today.

4 Most Valuable Hot Wheels Cars

Elliot Handler, the co-founder of Mattel, started selling miniature muscle cars to children in 1968. A year later Larry Wood began designing Hot Wheels. These cars hooked the attention of children everywhere. When pushed Hot Wheels cars would roll for several feet compared to their competitors, Matchbox cars only rolled for a few inches. Hot Wheels cars are usually a very inexpensive toy around 99 cents. However, those original cars are worth more than what you’d think.

  1. Pink Rear-Loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb

There are only one of these little cars known to exist making it very valuable. The person who owns it is Bruce Pascal who also holds the biggest and most valuable Hot Wheels collection in the world. The Beach Bomb was built in 1969 and features yellow surfboards loaded in the back. The design never made it to mass production and was scrapped by Mattel. Mr. Pascal purchased the car for $72,000.

  1. 1968 “Cheetah” Base Python (Hong Kong Base)

This Hot Wheel gets it name from the metal its made from at a Hong Kong patent pending base. This car, now named Python, is considered rare because to begin with it shared the name of GM executive Bill Thomas’s corvette modeled Cobra Killer. There was only a handful of these Hot Wheels made before the name change, and they were all colored red. Only a few of those have been found, and they are all worth about $10,000.

  1. 1974 Blue Rodger Dodger

    1974 Blue Rodger Dodger

The Rodger Dodger Hot Wheel was mass produced in red, purple, and yellow. However, there were only seven made in blue. If you ever find one of the seven, it will cost you around $8,000.

  1. 1970 Ed Shaver Custom AMX

The Ed Shaver Custom AMX was produced exclusively in the UK in color blue as part of an “Exclusive Racing Series.” Some of these cars were passed out at race tracks where Ed Shaver raced and as part of a cereal box promotion. Only a few of these cars still exist, and they sell for around $4,000.

The Evolution of Furbies

                              Furby Connect

The Furby became a popular children’s toy in 1998. The creators, Caleb Chung and Dave Hampton, took nine months to invent the gadget before it made the first appearance at the American International Toy Fair. The toy resembles an owl mixed with a hamster. The Furby was the first significant success in creating and marketing a mechanical robot toy. Furbies came with the speaking capabilities of their native language which was Furbish, but over time they were programmed to start speaking English. The amount of time it took them to speak English was meant to mimic how long it takes to learn a new language. Overall their speaking capabilities were translated into twenty-four different languages. Within the first year of being on the shelf, there were over 1.8 million sold. The craze for the adorable robot toy continued for two more years until 2000 when sales slowly started to decline. Overall within the first three years of production over 40 million Furbies were sold. Aside from the classic Furbies, there were other’s that released in the following years. Furby Babies hit the market in 1999. Furby Babies were smaller in size, cannot dance, and have higher pitched voices, however, they begin to speak English at a faster rate. In 2000, Furby Friends featured novel characters as Furbies such as Gizmo from the Gremlins and Yoda from Star Wars.

In 2005 a more advanced Furby was launched called the Emoto-Tronic Furby. This Furby was larger with more emotional facial expressions and voice recognition allowing them to communicate with humans. Introduced in 2006, the Emoto-Tronic Furby Babies appeared to be more babyish and had a lower activity level with a limited vocabulary. Released in the same year, Emoto-Tronic Funky Furbies which were limited to two color combinations of pink and yellow or purple and green could sing and dance and learn new routines.

A Furby debuted in 2012 that came with the capability to connect to an iOS or Android app. This Furby can adapt its personality in response to the user’s behavior. In the years following up to 2015, six more Furbies would join the Furby family.

The Value of Beanie Babies

Growing up in the 90’s there was a lot of talk about beanie babies. People kept vast collections of them claiming that they would be valuable one day. As a child, our parents informed us that they would someday pay for our college. Here we are over twenty years after the beanie baby craze ended. So how much are those precious beanie babies worth and were they worth all the commotion?

The beanie baby craze began in 1993 when the original nine launched. The firstborn of these nine was Legs the Frog on April 25th of 1993. A few that followed behind him were Pinches the Lobster, and Cubbie, the Bear. The creator of the beanie babies, Ty Warner, success was because he had the brilliant idea of discontinuing animals at random creating scarcity in the market for beanie babies.

Did Ty Warner’s plan succeed in making beanie baby collectors rich? Deciding how much a first-generation beanie baby is worth is usually a job for a 3rd party service like True Blue Beans. A beanie baby’s worth largely depends on the heart tag and the Tush tag. Without the original tags, your beanie is worth considerably less. First generation beanie babies can be easy to tell apart because the heart tag will not open like a book. Other things considered when getting your collection appraised is, of course, the condition of your beanie babies. Beanie babies that are still in good condition, with no wear and tear or stains are going to be worth the most.

Let’s look at some of the original beanie babies and how much they would be worth 25 years later. A first-generation Leg’s the Frog beanie baby in excellent condition with the original tags would be worth about $100 today. One that is worth the most money is Splash the Whale. A first generation of this guy can get you $200-$300. So, no, your beanie baby collection probably won’t pay your kids college tuition, but you could get a few hundred bucks for the five you spent all those years ago.

Don’t Throw Those Old Toys Away! Your Vintage Toys are Valuable!

Check the basement and raid your parents’ attic! Some toys from your past are worth a fortune!

Regardless if you were whipping up little treats in an Easy Bake Oven or hugging a Care Bear, we all have that one toy that remains in our memories of childhood. We’re prepared to take a trip down memory lane, getting all our favorite throwback toys. Even topping reliving the past? Buying things from it to share with your own children.

Fisher Price Chatter Phone

Rotary dial phones are now antiquated, but you can still buy this toy, which went on sell in the 60s. Use it to show your kid how your grandparents or even you made phone calls.

Easy Bake Oven

Yes, your children can still cook with a light bulb, just like you did in the 1980s. The cake mixes and the colors of the oven have altered, but the rest is remarkably the same.

Adult supervision necessary, as well as a healthy dose of interest in the finished product.


Snoopy snow cone machine

For over 25 years, children have loved making frozen treats with the Snoopy Snow Cone machine. Or, more precisely, kids have liked asking their parents to finish blending ice cubes into snow cones. A word to the wise: This machine needs more muscle than any kid under ten can provide.

View Master

Talk about lasting technology. The View-Master instrument and slide technology is almost unchanged since being established close to 100 years ago. While you may have snapped through reels of E.T. or the original Battle Star Galactica, your kids can now appreciate reels of Dora the Explorer or Finding Nemo. Unlike your portable DVD player, this thing will certainly not run out of batteries or require a charge.

Antique & Vintage Glassware

Antique & vintage glassware includes decorative and functional bowls, glasses, and platters from the late 1800s through about the mid-1900s. Some items are delicate and used for display only, but many people like to use vintage glassware in their daily lives.

Cut glass is the oldest type of glass, created by holding a cooled piece onto a grinding wheel to carve grooves in its sides. This technique was used to create designs and patterns on the surface of the glass. Leaded crystal is an example of this, and intricately cut pieces of leaded crystal on a dining room table was an example of social status and class in the late 19th century.

Milk glass  was coined in the 20th century to describe the opaque white plates, goblets, serving items, and decorative objects that became popular in the late 1880s. Milk glass plates were one of the most popular items from this era.

Pressed glass is another type of collectible glassware. Cheaper to manufacture than blown glass, this glassware was made in cast-iron molds and marketed as an economic alternative to hand-cut crystal.  But  after World War I, more expensive glass became more widely available and cheaper, pressed glass didn’t become popular again until the Great Depression.

Carnival glass is inexpensive and made to have an iridescent, multi-color sheen, like oil in water. Since it was so cheaply made, many felt that it was not high quality. So as values fell, it was soon being given away as prizes at carnivals, where midway winners could go home with shimmering vases, pitchers, goblets, tureens, and bowls – hence the name.
Any kind of vintage glassware is an interesting thing to collect, I have several pieces myself. It’s a reminder of past times and of the past.

Using Old Farm Equipment in Your Yard

Old farm equipment such as tillers and wagons can be a fun thing to collect and display in your yard or garden. It’s a way to collect and re-purpose items that were used by real people and have a history to them, instead of the store bought items that don’t make your yard unique.

So where can you find old, vintage farm equipment? Flea Markets are the best start, you’ll find a huge variety of vendors and be able to really look around, compare prices, and check out the items and make sure they are in sturdy condition for transportation.

Auctions and estate sales are also a good place to find farm equipment or parts. Many older farms have items that have been unused for some time, this is a great place to find great items for your yard or garden.

And you never know what you may find being put on the curb!

Wagons make great additions to your garden. You can lean them on their sides and plant around them, and fill the inside of the wagon with as well. Wagon Wheels also add an interesting element to your garden, they come in all kinds of sizes. Tillers and threshers, equipment that gets pulled behind tractors, can make quite a statement piece in your yard or garden. Include them in your mulched area for a dramatic statement.

So be on the lookout for farm equipment, it’s a wonderful thing to collect and a way to preserve the past!

Antiques Concepts, Online And Off

Antiques Concepts, Online As well as Off




Are you a part of the most up to date antiques trend? Compared to

ten years earlier, we are constantly pounded with antique radio shows, antique television program    that have actually become increasingly popular have pitched the idea of handling antiques to huge worldwide crowds, and the simple fact remains, the antique globe is providing passion to those who like the vintages … not to the deal hunters.

Do you feel delighted when you see an old toy, dating back 200 years ago and in mint problem, do you feel that possessing something like that will provide you something special, that the first person to ever hold this in his hands is lengthy gone, however that there is a link in between generations as well as across time because you are currently delighting in the same thing?.

I understand this feeling, or even though I did sell and still do market some of my vintages, I hold on to numerous others, it is no secret that many antique lovers have to sell a couple of points here and there, yet every now and then something reaches you, in some cases also in a magical means, its something you know you want to hang on to.

An incredibly popular niche in vintages is old playthings, the playthings initially generated when automation merely started, or perhaps hand crafted playthings that date back. When shopping for antique toys, it could be incredibly valuable to have a cost guide in hand.

Several unethical vendors are wanting to acquire earnings because of a purchaser’s absence of expertise. Watching some of the antique programs could help inform you as a purchaser. For a few dollars, you can purchase an antique toy pricing guide as well as have a firm understanding of how you can locate a deal. If you happen to have actually gathered a lot of your youth toys and also prepare to market them, there can be a good deal of money to be made. Do some research study relating to antique toy and their rates and some things could make you a mint!

A very popular collection of antique playthings includes a wooding rocking equine. Wooden shaking horses are widely available at online antique stores and also often set you back more than $1,000 if they remain in great problem. Some wear is expected, yet the rocking steed must function and also contain the initial items.

Incredibly, antique-toys searched for by debt collectors normally consist of marbles. One onionskin marble on is currently priced at $500 and also progressively climbing. While marbles may be at the base of your antique playthings checklist, they could sell wagon9

If antiques is your interest as well as you intend to find out more the web is a fantastic source of details, actually, the antiques market has actually been expanding in an amazing rate because the net started capturing on, individuals could trade as well as existing antiques on Ebay as well as other public auction sites. There is consistently a location for more individuals and also more products on this market, as well as you might figure out that its not that tough to start doing things in the antiques market quickly sufficient.