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Best Games Like World of Warcraft (Part IV)

Enter into a fantasy world while playing Neverwinter. 


Dungeons & Dragons is a big fantasy world where various creatures of magic and could live. There are good forces and dark forces clashing at each corner in this world. If you remember the old-school comics or cartoons, then you understand how incredible and immersive the world of Dungeons & Dragons can be. 

If you’ve been playing the table-top RPG then you are going to enjoy Neverwinter since this game will let you experience that fantastic world and travel it on your console or PC. Pick one of the provided races and go on an enchanted adventure in the world of Neverwinter. This is the closest to World of Warcraft you are going to get on a console.

Black Desert Online

Following a lot of fanfare after its start in Korea, Black Desert Online made its way to the worldwide market very soon and managed to deliver on the hype. It’s a game in the list which takes complete advantage of MMO genre to deliver addictive gameplay that’s also being enhanced over time.

What makes Black Desert Online stand out from the other games is its rapid action combat and instinctive property management elements. From making alliances to get your own buildings, Black Desert Online provides everything. You can have control over a whole city if you are able. It’s a pretty good game.


Skyforge is an excellent game that allows you to play as an immortal warrior in a technologically advanced sci-fi format. Unlike several other MMORPG titles in which matchmaking is a big issue, Skyforge allows its players to alter the class of their character at any time. Not only does it get rid of the matchmaking hitch, but it also lets players have a unique experience every time they log in.

Best Games Like World of Warcraft (Part II)

You’ll find just as much enjoyment if not more playing these games than you do playing World of Warfare.


Warframe is a third-person shooter that’s special in its own way. While remaining true to its genre of MMO, Warframe manages to provide an MMO experience like never before.

Warframe lets you control warriors of an ancient race who are at war with other factions. It’s co-op focused action gameplay makes it a unique action title in this list. There are tons of various characters to select from and every one of them has their distinct abilities. Yes, Warframe might not sound like a perfect WoW alternative, but it’s an excellent game to play if you want to take some time off WoW.

Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls franchise requires no introduction. Meaning, it’s a franchise that’s been ruling the RPG genre for years now. Well, the Elder Scrolls Online is the same. It’s a fantasy game that gets inspiration from many different worlds. Elder Scrolls Online takes place on the continent of Tamriel, where you, as a player, will get to pick to be a part of one of the three factions.

You might not find Elder Scrolls Online to be an alternative to World of Warcraft, but there’s plenty to be explored in the world of Elder Scrolls Online. It’s one of the top multiplayer games to try out. 


Rift is really one of the most fascinating MMOs out there and it has plenty of tools and features that it could be the possible World of Warcraft killer in a few years. Nonetheless, it’s still one of the largest MMOs out there since it has taken all the good aspects of MMO games and combines them into one exciting game that mesmerizes anyone who tries it out. 

The game has two factions that are at consistent war against each other and you have to aid your side in winning the war. It’s like all other MMORPGs out here with resource gathering and character building. Besides that, you have to look for any Rifts in the world and close them before the enemy begins coming out of them.


Best Games Like World of Warcraft (Part I)

If World of Warcraft is one of your all time favorite video games to play then you’ll love these too.

World of Warcraft is one of the best MMORPG games out there. In reality,  World of Warcraft played a critical role in shaping the MMORPG genre. The game is over ten years old. Plenty of imitators have come and gone in the meantime. However, World of Warcraft hasn’t lost its charm. 

Thousands of enthusiastic fans still log in every day to get into the gargantuan open worlds. It’s a testament to Blizzard’s execution, which not many creators have managed to accomplish. While it’s is hard to replace WoW, there are many other games that have practically the same concept. So, if you are searching for some alternatives, here’s a great list of games you can play instead.

Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul is an MMORPG title that feels ad looks exactly like the World of Warcraft, if not better. In fact, the visuals and gameplay style are so similar to World of Warcraft, that it’s well-known as the Korean version of WoW. 

From numerous different quests to a huge open world that’s waiting to be explored, Blade and Soul have it all. If there’s one fact that sets Blade & Soul apart from the rest is the fact that it’s free-to-play. There are some paid features in the game, but they won’t affect the overall gameplay. 


TERA is another free-to-play MMORPG title. Bluehole is the same studio that made PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. TERA is an amazing game that’s inspired by WoW. It isn’t a complete copy. TERA has its own spin on the genre.

TERA has over 80 zones that are methodically designed with gorgeous visuals. It’s one of those games that’ll really make you feel like you are in a virtual world. You get to pick between 7 races and 12 playable classes to explore the open world and its dungeons. Also, it has a PvP mode, which is among the top in the MMO world.

Best Sandbox Games Like Minecraft (Part V)

Explore various terrains while playing Blockheads.


Blockheads is a timeless game just like Minecraft which is only available on cell phones. It’s an action-survival sandbox video game where you can openly roam around and create your world. Like Minecraft, you can explore forests, deserts, mountains, and all the wilderness to make your shelter and stay alive.  

Also, there are snowy mountain tops and complex caves that you have to survive using amassed resources. Though, do note that it’s not a 3D like Minecraft. The gameplay has a 2D world. Blockhead has what will have you yearning for a survival game on your cell phone.


Crashlands is a well-known role-playing and action-adventure video game with unique characters. It’s not precisely like Minecraft where you build your world and sustain it, but there are remarkable survival techniques. You will definitely love them. Also, you will have to explore the planet and discover rare resources jeopardizing your life. 

In the process, you will make new tools, weapons, and face bizarre creatures of the planet. You can make your base, inventory and prepare for a possible attack. Crashlands is all about survival and how you handle midnight zombies.

Block Story

Block Story is a role-playing video game, taking place in a distant land where bizarre creatures have taken over your biome and you are on a run to save to your life. Though, the fascinating part is that there are a few creatures that can help if you finish a quest. When completed, you get a reward. With your reward, you can get anything such as weapons, dragons, and armors. 

After doing multiple quests, you can collect enough power to ward off the attackers and free folks from the terror. It’s a model game of survival and you should not neglect it.

Best Sandbox Games Like Minecraft (Part III)

Explore the galaxy while playing Astroneer. 


Astroneer is an excellent game of discovery and adventure that takes place in the farthest planet of our universe. The game is set in the 25th century when Intergalactic exploration is a possibility. You could be an Astroneer and search the outer space to discover rare resources and resolve the mystery behind the existence of the universe. 

The theme is similar to Minecraft where you have to endanger your life and discover new ways to survive. You can build a space base and new vehicles which can transport you to another planet. It’s a fabulous survival-adventure game similar to Minecraft but set in outer space.

Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve is a vastly acclaimed game. Players like to make comparisons with Minecraft’s inhabitable world. Also, it’s an open-world survival-adventure video game with plenty of possibilities and delivers endless imagination. 

Unlike Minecraft where you have to construct weapons using natural resources, here you have a good blend of magic and science. It makes the gameplay plenty exciting and you can do what you want. You are a scientist where you have to flee a mysterious world full of wilderness. It’s a great and exciting game and you will love playing it for sure.

Fortnite: Save The World

Not many realize but Fortnite has another co-operative game called Save The World where players have to save the survivors after a horrible attack on Earth. The theme is just like Minecraft where players co-ordinate with each other and gather as many resources as they can to construct a fortress and fight the storm. 

Along the way, you can build traps against weird creatures and weapons. The weird creatures have taken Earth hostage. Simply put, Fortnite: Save The World is a thrilling game and you will love every bit of the survival-adventure action.


Best Sandbox Games Like Minecraft (Part II)

Subnautica is very similar to Minecraft and is based in the ocean. 


Subnautica is a survival game that is based on Oceans and finding new ways to remain alive on a distant planet. You can explore the ocean and find unique stones, crafting material, etc. Just like you have to face the Mobs on Minecraft, here you have to face Ocean creatures of all kinds. Basically, it’s a game like Minecraft which has exploration, building, crafting and survival, but the battle is fought in the Oceans. You should not miss this epic game filled with adventure and excitement.


Trove is a unique voxel game which means the game is built on cubicle pixels just like Minecraft’s Blocks. As a result, the world of Trove looks very similar to Minecraft. However, it’s primarily a multi-player game with each character having a distinct style and ability. Also, Trove’s universe is pretty large having many unique characters and entities. 

With that said, Trove has a similar theme: you have to shape your world by crafting weapons, collaborating with other members, and fighting off the enemies. The game is also better suited for players who love action. If you are looking for a game like Minecraft but on a larger scale, you should definitely play Trove.


Roblox is a multiplayer gaming platform that allows users to create games as they desire. In a way, it is very similar to Minecraft because both of them share the create-your-own-world theme. It lets you build your own universe, make a shelter, create weapons and find the resources to stay alive. 

You can create a virtual ecosystem and find adventures and challenges along the way. Also, you can rival against other communities on the web and save your world from destruction. The best part about Roblox is that it is really immersive which makes it a way better game than Minecraft for a lot of folks.


Best Sandbox Games Like Minecraft (Part I)

If you love playing Minecraft then you’ll love these games too. 

Minecraft is a well-liked sandbox game that lets players create an exclusive world and lets them protect it. The game does not limit the players with linear gameplay and tasks. Instead, it allows them to use their creativity to construct a shelter and have boundless possibilities. 

This is the reason why Minecraft is a favorite with plenty of gamers as well as this new concept of simulated gaming. In the mission to discover more games like Minecraft, there are many games that have similar gameplay mechanics and themes. Keep reading this article to learn about the best games like Minecraft which you can enjoy limitlessly.


Terraria is a sandbox game similar to Minecraft where you have to search the deep expanse of forest to survive. You start with a pickaxe and a sword to discover resources not to mention defend yourself from skeletons, zombies, and flying eyes. Keep in the mind, though, this is a 2D game. 

You can’t roam around anywhere, and you must stick to one path. But the best part about Terraria is that there are thrilling crafting, explorations, combat, and mining for which Minecraft is really popular.


Eco is another one of those incredible games like Minecraft where players have to create a civilization using restricted resources from their world. They have to sustain the ecosystem while discovering new ways to stay alive. If you burn coal, the air gets contaminated. Likewise, if you chop down more trees, the forest ecosystem becomes fragile. 

Unlike Minecraft, here you have consequences for your actions while also making weapons and safeguarding oneself from enemies. It’s a game that is less about destruction and more about creation. You should really play Eco if you want a game like Minecraft but with more responsibility.


Best AR Toys (Part III)

Parker is a whole new level of teddy bear.


Forget the adorability! This ball of fur is cleverer than your average bear!

Filled with games and puzzles, Parker the Bear is your cute new BBF. Limited to Apple in the UK, this bear has plenty to teach and tell. Upfront Parker is a traditional bear, no batteries or connectivity inside but brought to life via the app.

Acquire a medical role and remedy his ailments whilst you play and watch his levels get better the more you interact. There’s fun to be released as you get to know your Parker with problems and puzzles to solve.

But more than that, Parker provides a lot of educational content on subject matter such as math, education, science, technology, and arts. There’s no reason not to have a bear like this.


Including an interactive smartpen that taps on the surfaces of the planet to give audio info, this AR-infused globe ticks plenty of boxes.

First, everyone must have a globe at home and this one has all the info on culture, geography, and such with the capability to open and see a solar system in the interior.

Have the AR part functioning and bring all the educational elements to life to keep you informed and entertained.


The Swapbots project has been funded for a while and grafting such as crazy beavers are used to get the product out to the first round of financiers. The latest version of this mixed reality play has folks getting more than they bargained for.

The video-like gameplay of these cardboard boxes is incredible. Nine original creations can have their three pieces exchanged with each other to make new characters, with more than 600 combinations in total delivering vast playing potential. Collect currency, uncover new characters, and create stories.


Best AR Toys (Part II) 



This toy is part of other buying guides. However, this mixed reality stroke of genius warrants its place in this round-up entirely due to its “wow” factor. Put your handset into the headset, put the guidance orb on the floor, boot up and then you’re set. Play is picked from the different planets provided which you look at and push the hilt to select.

As well as fighting the red-faced adversary, there are several more enemies and droids to face off against. You can change up and be a part of battle planning before unleashing AR troops in your office-based battlefield.

Most significantly, you can get down to some typical Star Wars holographic chess.


Cheap as chips but twice as nice. The merge cube has been having a good time overseas with selling millions of its AR infused cubes. There’s no reason we can see it not doing really well elsewhere, too, with the little spongy thing collecting plenty of approvals for its content provided via the QR-like glyphs on each side.

The merge cube has a kid-friendly content platform, the Merge Miniverse, containing more than 24 merge cube app experiences. Merge cube educational experiences let children get immersive and discover by going back in time with Dino Digger and through space on the Galactic Explorer. All inside the body with Anatomy AR which is pure animated excellence.

You can slice watermelon the cube. 

The cube also has gaming experiences like Things with one-minute wonders such as winding a jack in the box out of his dwelling or slicing a watermelon. On their own, fairly mundane tasks. But highly entertaining for a couple of moments.

Other gaming experiences are a striking Minecraft-like game Dig, and leading a virtual ball across different animated terrains in Tiltball, each one taking a minute to perfect and great fun to play. There’s also solid retro gaming Snake Attack which is very cool.

Get on board with this convenient holographic cube and take pleasure in the ride.

The Best Virtual Reality Games for Kids (Part IV) 

Your kids can enter a whole different world with these virtual reality games.

Rec Room

Rec Room is a true VR playground. It lets users come together and play games like charades, paintball, Frisbee golf, and dodgeball in a social setting. Like with anything social, you will meet good folks and not-so-good folks. Overall, it appears to be a really safe and fun environment to discover.

In Rec Room, you begin with your own private “dorm room” where you create and outfit your in-game avatar. You choose gender, clothing, hairstyle, and accessories. Once correctly outfitted, you move to the common area called the “locker room” where you get relaxed with the controls, meet with other players, and determine what games you want to play. You can start and stop a game when you want and are taken back to the locker room area.

Rec Room is fun for anyone. Though, recently, creators have limited access to 13 years and older.

Fantastic Contraption

Fantastic Contraption is an ingenious game in which you make “contraptions” (simple machines) to pilot obstacles in every level of the game. You construct these simple machines out of animal-like parts that you get from a cat. Once you’ve built and put together your machine, you test it to see if it will do its intended function so that you can finish the level. If it doesn’t, you perform changes and try it again. The game necessitates plenty of trial and error.

Fantastic Contraption is a blast. It entails creativity and problem-solving. You receive a few basic parts (wheels, axles, etc.), and it’s your job to construct something that will work and let you go to the next level. It’s a true STEM-inspired game.

Controlling the virtual machine parts in VR has you feeling like a mechanical engineer. It may be just the spark that some child needs to determine they want to do this for a living.