Collectible Toys for Children

Collectible toys for children have special editions on many of the most famed characters from movies, TV, and video games, creating items that even children will want to cherish. As a kid, when you’re a devotee of a specific character, there’s nothing like having the authorized toy to play with, and soon, you want to be able to own all the authorized colleagues from your favorite series. These exclusive toys re-imagine forms of well-known icons in extraordinary shapes like action figures, dolls, or soft plush toys, inventing even more possibilities for playtime.

Since some of these special releases were produced with the help of famous artists, they are just as attractive to adults as they are to children.

LEGO Building Sets Collectible Toys

With numerous LEGO sets available, you can pick from an assortment to start your collection. Pick a theme like Star Wars LEGO or another popular one from movies and books, such as the Harry Potter LEGO set.

Barbie Collectible Toys

Barbie has been a continual in kids’ lives since the 50s when the doll first was in the stores. In current times, she is just as much a popular for toy collectors of all ages. Pick one from your childhood, like the Pink and Pretty Barbie from the 80s. Another choice is to collect all of the Barbie Career or Holiday Barbie dolls. You can even find Barbie as other characters such as Beyoncé Barbie.

Lionel Trains Collectible Toys

Trains have always been well-liked with collectors and Lionel trains are among the elite. These sets have been around for numerous years, with new designs and pieces being created. Early models were crafted of wood and are often a valued addition to a collection. Accessories that match the trains are also extremely collectible, like the coal elevator and water tower.