DIY Educational Games for Children

Education is a word that seems to provoke the feeling of misery in young children. Not all educational experiences have to be boring and hard; some can be fun. Educational games are not always something you have to purchase either. Sure, there are websites like ABC mouse that you can buy to help your child learn at a better rate and in a more exciting way, but there are also games that you can make yourself, using minimal resources and for a low price.

$100 Word Challenge

This game requires a large area to write on. That could be a dry erase board, chalkboard, or piece of poster board. What you’re going to do is write all the letters of the alphabet with an ascending numerical value beside it. For example, A would be $1, B would be $2, and so on until letter Z which would be $26. Then you ask questions. What word is worth $100? What is your name worth? Which of your spelling words is worth the most? This game promotes Math skills as well as literacy skills and would be an excellent way to teach your child’s vocabulary words.

Uno Flip

All you need for this game is a deck of Uno cards and something like a sticky note, index card or square pieces of paper. On the sticky notes, index cards, or pieces of paper write multiplication, division, addition, subtraction and equal signs. Create two stacks of Uno cards and place the equation signs, (addition, subtraction, equal…etc.) in between the stacks of Uno cards. Have the child draw cards from each deck and solve the equation on a piece of paper. This game promotes math skills.

Popsicle Stick Draw

This game requires popsicle sticks and a cup to hold them. Write your child’s vocabulary words on the sticks and put them in the container with the side that has the word facing down. Use a pencil and piece of paper to keep score as your child draws out words that they can recognize.