Fun And Games In The Backyard

Got a grumpy or bored kid in your home? Take ’em outside! Some sunshine and fresh air goes a long way toward making a little frown turn into a smile. No need to go far to get the smiles going again. Outdoor activities are wonderfully doable right in your yard or neighborhood.

There is a thrill, no matter what age you are, in staying up past your bedtime. It’s my favorite thing to do with my kids, particularly on warm summer nights when we have a fire and make s’mores. Sometimes we’re even indulged with a twinkling of fireflies. Magical doesn’t even come close to explaining these nights. This summer, use any reason to stay out late and play under the stars.

Movies alfresco
Our local park has outdoor summer movies, so we’re going to catch a few of those. I’m also going to use my projector and put a sheet off the deck so we can have our own yard movie fest.

Night hiking
The element of danger that goes with exploring at night makes even the most everyday destinations exciting, regardless if you’re searching the backyard or your neighborhood. Want to really impress your children? Get headlamps!

Pick up some glow sticks and you can have all kinds of fun. Glow bracelets make for a fun time of ring toss and are necessary accessories for backyard games.

Playing in the dark
At night, ordinary games take on a new feeling. Hide and seek or tag in which the seeker has a flashlight are super exciting. Pair smaller kids with adults to avert freak-outs.

The aftermath
As great as these nights are, there’s typically a price to be paid the next day. Be sure to plan a low-key morning, such as lying on the couch and watching cartoons.