How to Use eBay Effectively

Buying and selling on eBay can be a challenge, the site is huge. But it also gets a lot of traffic, so if you’re looking for some collectible items or wanting to sell some extra things in your collection – eBay is definitely a place to start.

Why chose eBay? Use them for selling things that are easy to ship, not for things that people will really want to pick up and look at before buying.

Use the right keywords, and a lot of them! You want people to find your stuff. Describe your items honestly. Take excellent pictures and as many as you need. Conversely, if you’re looking to buy, make sure there are a lot of pictures and a thorough description of the item you are buying.

Set the right price for your items. Browse other listings to see if you are in the right ballpark, do the same while buying. Set the right shipping price that includes insurance. Being honest and straightforward about shipping is critical, and you want your item to get to the new buyer all in one peice. When you are buying a collectible, make sure shipping is described. Get insurance if you think you need to.

Make sure you respond to customer inquirers. And if you are buying, make sure all your questions get answered in a timely fashion. Good customer service is key and will bring in returning sales for you.

eBay can be a great resource for you to buy and sell collectible items, read and do your research and it will be a benefit to your collections.