Magnificent Multicultural Toys

Get your children accustomed to different cultures outside of their own with these multicultural dolls and toys!

Nothing gets your idea across with children than using toys for teaching. Children are sensitive little people who should be in the know about the world and about folks who don’t look or act like they do.

Multicultural toys such as African-American Barbies playing alongside their Caucasian or Latina ones can make for a true culture accepting upbringing that kids and parents can enjoy. While plush toys modeled after Hindu gods schools them on the various religions, dolls of other cultures can get them started on the road to acceptance.

Kokeshi Dumbbell

Vintage Kokeshi Doll

Kokeshi are Japanese dolls, handcrafted from wood with an enlarged head and a trunk with a couple of painted, thin lines to outline the face. The body has a floral design painted in black, red, and at times yellow, and coated in wax. One feature of Kokeshi dolls is there aren’t any legs or arms.

Lots to Love Bath Doll

Invented by Berengeuer, these dolls are ideal for playtime and bath. Sturdy and chubby, everyone loves these dolls. They come with removable kinky hair and changeable outfits.

Little Princess Snowflake Doll

Snowflake Princess is a very cuddly, soft toy that is quite flexible and

North American Bear Little Princess Snowflake

lightweight. Soft material body with an incredible pale blue princess crown and dress. Light tan complexion. For any age group.

Football Match Set

Play the fun game with the Football Match. This set is part of the Budkins World range and has goal posts, corner flags, a fold-out pitch, advertising boards and an operating score board. It has seven Budkins characters including one goalie and two outfield players. Also, the football match set has a referee complete with a whistle and red/yellow card.