Pac-Man is Back! Retro Games on the Come Up!

Classic is the new black. From clothes to vehicles, what was once old is new again and in real demand. Video games aren’t any exception.

Classics that for years was found in barrooms and arcades have come back as current hits in an assortment of formats, like phones, touchscreens, and tablets. Not only are these retros bringing nostalgia for the ‘80s, they’re also getting a whole new fan base that didn’t grow up with the original.

Here are some games that pick up where their old-school ancestors left off.

Pac-Man/Now: Pac-Man 256
Pac-Man became 35 this year and was long due for a remake. In comes Pac-Man 256! First brought back in July ‘15 as a mobile game, with over 10 million downloads in the 1st 30 days, this one is going to quickly gain popularity on PCs due to their bigger screens to have fun with all the new features, such as the power to get around ghosts using tornados and lasers.

Old: 1942 
NOW: Shooty Skies

Matt Hall and Andy Sum are game specialists (retro). Their Crossy Road is a solid, smart throwback to the classic Frogger. This new version, Shooty Skies, gets its feel from the ‘80s game in which a plane sets off to destroy its enemies.

The basis of 1942 is carried over in Shooty Skies, and though the design of the game has an old feel, it’s much more lively than its inspiration. Instead of a cargo plane flying over an ocean, Shooty Skies has lots of landscapes, enemies, and new characters. Fun enemies such as piñatas that blast confetti and computer screens with cat memes that blast keyboards.

NOW: Mino Monsters 2

Cool, chilled characters that are cute and lethal at the same time are base to Pokemon and its current rebirth, Mino Monsters 2.

With Mino, you are introduced to a whole new cast with which you can battle. Mino’s creators also brought on a new story element to the game geared at older players, a tongue-in-cheek, Adult Swim type narrative.