Best Racing Games for iPhones (Part IV)

There are no limits in this game. Especially speed limits. 

Need For Speed: No Limits

Need For Speed is a popular name when it comes to racing games. Need For Speed: No Limits for iPhone is no exception. From an incredible line up of cars to challenging races, Need For Speed: No Limits has all you need when it comes to a racing title.

While you don’t need to be a skilled driver, a little drafting and drifting skills will provide you with an edge over the other players. Need For Speed: No Limits is available as a free-to-play title. You can also spend money on in-app purchases to purchase upgrades or individualize your wheels.

Trials Frontier

Trials Frontier is a very different sort of racing game when matched to the rest on this list. For one, it’s bike racing. But that’s not really a big deal. Trials Frontier is a racing game with a story. In the game, you begin by just riding through tracks, while the game schools you on basic controls. 

When the story starts, later on, you begin at a village where the people want your help against another biker. You can visit various places in the village and find folks who will then offer you missions to do on your bike. On your way, you will meet the antagonist of the story many times. Your only goal is to beat him on the track.

The game is very well balanced. It necessitates plenty of focus to play. You have to be aware of when you should or shouldn’t accelerate your bike. Also, you’re in-charge of leaning backward or forward to make sure you land correctly after taking one of the numerous jumps in each track. The single-player campaign becomes a little repetitive after a while. Still, the game is sort of fun to play.

Best Racing Games for iPhones (Part III)

Real Racing 3 begins by teaching you how to drive your car. 

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is a really realistic looking racing game from Electronic Arts. The game begins with a tutorial where you learn how to manage a car and make it around sharp corners. There isn’t any nitro in the game, at least not when you begin. The graphics in the game look really real. The managing of the cars is incredible.  

Folks who enjoy realistic looking games where they race cars on a track, instead of out on the street (such as Asphalt 8), will likely find this game fun. Inside the game, you get the choice to switch camera angles between the first-person, cockpit, and third-person cameras.

The game has a career mode too where you begin with a car. You have to win races in various segments to earn cash for purchasing new cars and upgrading your current ones. The rationality is pretty much the same as other racing games. 

The cars automatically do any braking when coming to turns and drifting if you cut them too sharply. Though, you can hit anywhere on the screen to manually brake if you have the need for it. The game is free, and you must really try it out for some realistic looking races on your iPhone.

Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt Xtreme is one more “asphalt” game from Gameloft that takes the racing off the streets. The game is filled to the brim with off-roading vehicles that you can purchase and start racing off the roads. The game has over 34 vehicles ranging from pick-up trucks and buggies to monster trucks. Regardless of what your preference in off-roading vehicles is, you’ll find the right one for you. Like Asphalt 8, the game has a garage where you can upgrade and customize your vehicle to hype its power and make it distinctly yours.

Best Racing Games for iPhones (Part II)


Try out these racing games on your iPhone.

Eden Games, the studio behind Gear.Club, is well known for coming up with games such as Test Drive Unlimited on consoles and PCs. So, it’s not a surprise that Gear.Club is on the list of best racing games for iOS. From the beginning, the game looks fabulous regardless of the iOS device that you’re playing the game on.

Gear.Club takes a simulation-style approach that united with a free-to-play model. You’ll be messing with a list of the best racing cars on earth. They appear exotic as they look in the real world. Also, you’ll have to fine-tune your vehicle if you want to be on top of your game while competing with some leading players. 

Reckless Racing 3

Reckless Racing 3 is the sequel to the famous “Reckless Racing” and “Reckless Racing 2” series. The game has the same gameplay as its predecessors and is plenty of fun. There are several game modes that you can play such as the arcade and career mode. In the arcade mode, you don’t have to worry about the car you have or any upgrades. You just need to wind up on the podium in order to unlock the next levels.

If you’re just looking for casual and straight-up fun, then arcade mode is meant for you. Though, the career mode has plenty of features that one would anticipate from a full-featured racing game. You can upgrade existing cars, purchase new cars, and do way more in the garage. You need to keep your car functioning well in order to proceed through the career mode. 

The graphics in the game are really nice to look at. The gameplay itself is plenty of fun. It might take you a few races to get the precise turning mechanism correct. But, when you get past that, you’ll enjoy the game. It is one of the finest, hardest, and best racing games for iPhone that you can play.


Best Racing Games for iPhones (Part I)

These racing games are full of fun that you can play right on your iPhone. 

Playing games is always fun. The iPhone, with its mighty processors, and the new Metal API, creates an amazing game-playing device. Gamers really love to play racing games on their new iPhones. These devices have a bezel-less display as well as a super-fast processor, guaranteeing an exhilarating experience. 

However, with the App Store’s huge catalog of games, choosing the best racing games can be quite a task. So, if you’re looking for the best racing games to play on your iPhone, here is our list of the 10 best racing games for iPhone you can play in 2019.

Asphalt 9: Legends

With thousands of active players around the globe, Asphalt 9: Legends has gone on to become one of the most well-liked racing games on electronic devices. This new title in the long-running series delivers some new elements. Besides the assortment of cars and eye-popping automotive tricks, Asphalt 9: Legends also offers a gameplay element named “touch drive” which makes up for an electrifying ride.

When the new touch drive mode is enabled, all you need to do is take care of the drifting and nitro boost. The car will automatically turn and accelerate for you. As always, you can customize and unlock more vehicles by getting more wins either by yourself or as a multiplayer. 

The game animations are way fun and the iPhone XS never drops a phone even at the premier quality which makes the game shine. It is one of the best if not the top racing games for iPhone that you can download.

CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 is straight-up one of the top drag racing games in the industry. The game allows you to dive into some smooth urban drag racing gameplay with amazingly good-looking visuals. CSR Racing 2 lets you play either by yourself or you can lock horns with other players in online battles.


The Best Online Games for PC (Part VI)

If you want to win some space battles then EVE Online is your game.

EVE Online

If you like space battles, EVE Online is the game you must play. The MMO space battle game is filled with epic battles where you can be a participant. The game is old, but it’s still well worthy of being on this list. Massive battles, betrayal in space, EVE Online has it all and it’s free. There was a mandatory subscription model originally, but it was removed a while back and now anyone can download the game and play it for free.

With that being said, there will come a point when you’ll have to get the optional subscription to have access to all of the skills. But even free, EVE Online has plenty of gameplay and you’ll find yourself engrossed in it. 


Minecraft is the most well-liked survival game that has some old-school blocky graphics. Though, the gameplay is quite addictive. This game has mining, crafting, building, and exploring all in one. Minecraft gives you a very wide-open world to travel and explore. You have to go around crafting and mining resources for yourself. You must make a shelter for yourself before the night falls and the creeps come out for you.

League of Legends

League of Legends is one of those top MOBAs out there and it’s a heavy competitor to DoTA 2. It’s a way less complex MOBA when matched to DoTA 2. League of Legends is one more highly played game and has a very big esports scene backing it up which makes it another exhilarating game.

This game uses plenty of unique and new features to the MOBA genre that makes it a bit unique than DoTA 2 and alters the entire gameplay. If you want a less quick-paced and complex MOBA then League of Legends is the ideal one for you. It’s very straightforward and simple once you finish the tutorial.


The Best Online Games for PC (Part V)

Teamwork skills are a must for Rainbow Six Seige.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is an online PC game that appears like Counter-Strike. Though, the game puts far greater importance on teamwork and strategy than most other online shooters you may have played. If you play this game with a group of friends, it can be very interesting since you’ll have to know the maps and work in coordination with your teammates to defeat your enemies.

World of Tanks

If you love tank-fights, World of Tanks is the ideal free online PC game for you. World of Tanks is an MMO war game that has 20th-century armored vehicles like heavy tanks, light armored vehicles, and self-propelled guns. While the game is free to play, unlocking stuff can be a little difficult. This is where the freemium features come into play. Though, those are optional features that you can decide to ignore if you’re okay with playing with only the free features.


Hearthstone is the most played online card game. It has the goodness of physical trading games to the online world where you can fight other players one on one. Craft your decks, be creative and beat your opponents in this enthralling turn-based strategy game. Hearthstone is a free game to play and there are paid features as well. Like physical card games, Hearthstone lets you purchase card packs that come with random cards.

Use these cards to craft your collection and many powerful decks to become a Legend. Hearthstone is very addictive and very simple. The exciting animation and amazing graphics bring another great element to the overall gameplay. The random nature of the game makes it a very exciting one. If you have desired to play a card game online, then Hearthstone is the best game that you can play.

The Best Online Games for PC (Part IV)

Do you like racing and soccer? Rocket League is the PC  game that contains both.

Rocket League

If you combine a thrilling racing game with some soccer than you have an adrenaline-pumping game that caters to both soccer and racing fans. Rocket League is an electrifying game that’s fun and very addictive. You get to team up with 1 or 2 other players and fight with other players from around the globe. Also, you can with your friend in a split-screen multiplayer match. 

Path of Exile

If you were mad how Diablo III turned out to be, then you no longer have to be angry. Path Of Exile is everything that Diablo III is not. It appears as if it is the real successor to Diablo II, bringing all the old memories back from incredible Diablo II days. Path of Exile plays and looks very similar to Diablo II. Though, it has way better graphics.

The gameplay is set in a wide-open world that you can search and loot, going around collecting rare items and slaying monsters. Explore big dungeons and caves that are filled with evil monsters and clear them to collect fantastic treasures. Also, the game lets you partner with other players to play in a co-op mode, but the true fun is when every player has their own vast map to explore and journey.

Titanfall 2

Electronic Arts’ Titanfall 2 might have been released in 2016, but it’s still one of the top online PC games that you can play. In Titanfall 2, players run big robots named Titans with some amazing abilities such as wall running. While Titanfall 2 does have a very good single-player campaign with a story mode it is recommended that you play through. The multiplayer mode is possibly even more exciting. There are a host of multiplayer modes supported by Titanfall 2 like Bounty Hunt, Amped Hardpoint, Pilot vs Pilot, and Capture the Flag.

The Best Online Games for PC (Part III)



Counter-Strike has been one of the most well-liked first-person shooter games for PCs. It began as a mod for Half-Life back in the days but swiftly grew huge enough to become a standout game on its own. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the current incarnation of the game and carries a massive fan following. This game is highly competitive with a very big eSports scene backing it up. Counter-Strike: GO is a traditional shooter where you get to join either the terrorists or counter-terrorists.

The terrorists have a bomb that they must plant in any one of the specific locations available on the map and the CT must try to either disable the planted bomb or keep the terrorists from planting it. It’s a battle of strategy, wits, and quick aim.

While the full game is paid, there’s a free version available on Steam that you can try out before paying for the full game.

If you love clowns, then Borderlands 2 is the PC game for you.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands is a clown-fiesta that comes with very exciting and fun elements that make it a distinct shooter. The game focuses on grinds and loot so much as if it were almost an MMORPG. Fortunately, it isn’t. Borderlands 2 has all the fabulous and thrilling elements from the original game and tweaks them for even more excitement. You can obtain access to a plethora of funny and weird weapons that are funny yet quite powerful.

It does away with the serious element of customary shooters and concentrates on over-the-top action combined with humor. It gives you some very incredible light-hearted action that you can enjoy without having to suffer from any stress. Have fun shooting swords out of your guns. Or, have fun playing with those pew-pew pistols. This game carries comedy into the shooter genre.

The Best Online Games for PC (Part II)

Overwatch has an impressive storyline that will keep you hooked as you play the game. 


One of the best first-person shooters in recent times. Overwatch swiftly got the attention of millions of players around the globe with its flashy gameplay and vibrant graphics. Every character in the game has a deep and amazing backstory that tells you why they are doing what they are doing.

Overwatch is a good mix of shooters and MOBAs that delivers the best of both worlds together. You have the fast-paced gameplay of a shooter linked with the elements from a MOBA where you obtain various abilities and mighty heroics to overpower your enemies.

In a match, your objective is to kill all your enemies and do the required objective of the game. It’s a fast-paced shooter that’s really worth a shot.

DoTA 2

Another one of the most well-liked online PC games right now is DoTA 2. This is the sequel to the popular DoTA mod for Warcraft 3 and it’s one of the most popular MOBAs out there. DoTA 2 uses profound strategic gameplay that might be a bit complex for the beginners, however, the game also offers in-game tutorials and guides to help newbies out. 

Another one of the most popular online PC games right now. DoTA 2 is the sequel to the popular DoTA mod for Warcraft 3 and it’s one of the most admired MOBAs out there. DoTA 2 truly incorporates deep strategic gameplay that may be a bit complex for a beginner. Also, the game has in-game tutorials and guides to help first-time players out.

It’s a simple MOBA where you, as a five-member team, battle against another five-member team. The main aim is to destroy the Ancient of the enemy team. This is easier said than done. You have to use team-based strategies and plays to have a shot at winning. DoTA 2 is totally free.

The Best Online Games for PC (Part I)

Fortnite and PUBG are popular games that you can play on your PC.

Online games are good since you can play them on your old laptop or a new gaming PC. So, if you have been searching for the best online games for PC, you are in the right place. Here is our list of the best online games you can play on your PC right now. We have included both free and paid games. Even if you don’t want to spend any money on gaming, that’s okay. 


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, also well known as PUBG, is the most popular and largest battle royale game in the industry. There are many great battle royale games, but PUBG has remained at the top. It has great gameplay elements that are very addictive. Also, it’s one of the top online PC games you can play right now.

This game concentrates solely on big-scale survival gameplay. You are stuck on a big island where you must begin searching for loot. This includes shelter, clothes, weapons, etc. You can make alliances on the island but be warned that anyone can kill you and loot your resources. So, go around looking for loot and begin killing folks that aren’t nice to you. 


Another online game you can play on your PC, Fortnite is a huge survival co-op game that has a fantastic battle royale mode. If you enjoy battle royales and want to play with other folks on a wide open-world where everyone is out to get each other then Fortnite is truly the best game for you. 

Fortnite is complete with amazing action and colorful characters that are really over-the-top. Also, you can play the Players vs Environment mode where you get to unite with other players and go against your enemies.

It’s like an ideal mix of Minecraft’s resource gathering and PUBG’s survival-based gameplay. If you want to have fun with a lighthearted survival co-op game then Fortnite is the right game.