The Appeal of the American Girl (AG) Dolls

The marketing behind American Girl (AG) Dolls is adamant about the need to express what it refers to as the brand’s “Guiding Truths.”

And, staying true to them with all that they do.

It seems to be the thing for the American Girl brand. Besides dolls, the business has a huge line of movies and books, all supporting its mission of empowering young girls.

With over 125 million books sold since ‘86 and more than 70 million visits every year to its website, AG has moved something in the hearts of young girls and parents that can’t be put into numbers. As AG states, it’s brand tribalism, meaning the emotional connection that pushes their brand loyalty.

How does AG describe this loyalty?

You know you’ve got it when you see 7,000 folks camp out the night before a new AG store opens. In line for over eight hours just to get in. Some people come for just the fact of being a part of it.

That’s brand tribalism.

What are AG’s Guiding Truths?

  • Respectful
  • Relevant
  • Special
  • Meaningful
  • Trustworthy

Everything is girl-centric and all about making young ladies feel special and inspired.

The business celebrated its recent anniversary by connecting with their brand champions, booking a Caribbean cruise during Thanksgiving. Within 48 hours, it was sold out.

Outrageous, huh?

But when you get into what AG is all about, you realize that it isn’t just about the dolls. It’s about their messages and stories.

A key challenge for AG is how to navigate in this multifaceted digital world. The company is devoted to doing so because it understands the need to be where girls are…everywhere! But they won’t move too fast because they assert on doing it safe and right. In truth, being real about the Guiding Truths.