The Best Online Games for PC (Part III)



Counter-Strike has been one of the most well-liked first-person shooter games for PCs. It began as a mod for Half-Life back in the days but swiftly grew huge enough to become a standout game on its own. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the current incarnation of the game and carries a massive fan following. This game is highly competitive with a very big eSports scene backing it up. Counter-Strike: GO is a traditional shooter where you get to join either the terrorists or counter-terrorists.

The terrorists have a bomb that they must plant in any one of the specific locations available on the map and the CT must try to either disable the planted bomb or keep the terrorists from planting it. It’s a battle of strategy, wits, and quick aim.

While the full game is paid, there’s a free version available on Steam that you can try out before paying for the full game.

If you love clowns, then Borderlands 2 is the PC game for you.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands is a clown-fiesta that comes with very exciting and fun elements that make it a distinct shooter. The game focuses on grinds and loot so much as if it were almost an MMORPG. Fortunately, it isn’t. Borderlands 2 has all the fabulous and thrilling elements from the original game and tweaks them for even more excitement. You can obtain access to a plethora of funny and weird weapons that are funny yet quite powerful.

It does away with the serious element of customary shooters and concentrates on over-the-top action combined with humor. It gives you some very incredible light-hearted action that you can enjoy without having to suffer from any stress. Have fun shooting swords out of your guns. Or, have fun playing with those pew-pew pistols. This game carries comedy into the shooter genre.