The Educational Computer Games Your Child Should Be Playing

You don’t own a gaming system? No worries. Your PC can play any of these amazing games for kids of every age.

Looking to spend some special time with your child? You’ll find plenty of fun play and learn ideas with these computer games. Most online activities use things you perhaps already have in your house. And along with step-by-step directions, these games will tell you the learning skills your kid will be developing while having a good time with you!

All these games can be found at:

  • The ABC’s Zoo Learning Game
  • Laugh & Learn Count with Me Game
  • Laugh & Learn Shapes Game
  • Little People® Online Coloring
  • Little People® Friend Finder
  • Little People® What’s Different?
  • Little People® What’s Different?
  • Little People® Shapes & Colors Game
  • Imaginext™ You’re a Firefighter

Here are some other PC games for kids:

World of Zoo

Few zoo simulators provide as much space for creativity as this one. As players load their virtual zoos with many different species, the game’s “animal editor” lets children change not only the colors and fur patterns of their animals, but the sizes and shapes of noses, ears, paws, tails and more. You want pink and green striped giraffes? Go for it!


This revolutionary learning game tests kid’s reading skills by using written requirements to ask them to draw something. The object they drew then comes to life and is part of the animated scene. Characters will interact with the object the child drew and use it properly, regardless what it looks like.

Littlest Pet Shop

Centered on the mega-popular toy line, Littlest Pet Shop delivers the magic of having your own virtual pet shop. The game has over 30 of the most popular pets in the series. Players can explore three unique settings and complete mini-games and puzzles to earn new pets.