The Importance Of Arts And Crafts

Kids enjoy doing an assortment of arts and crafts as a way to be creative and have some fun! Little do they realize that it is also good for their development too.

Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Kids

Bilateral Coordination – Crafts such as drawing, cutting, and coloring all need your kid to use both of their hands. This skill is vital in other areas like tying shoes, writing, typing and much more.

Fine Motor Coordination – In order to cut patterns, draw shapes, and write, your kid needs to use their fine motor coordination. These skills likewise translate to other parts of their lives like dressing and eating.

Self-Regulation – Crafts that need drying need waiting! This is a good lessonfor your kid to show patience. Also, things might not go precisely as he or she hoped. Crafts are a good way to encourage flexibility in your kid. There’s no right or wrong way in discovering one’s own creativity.

Self-esteem Booster – Even though we want to challenge our children, it is also vital to initially pick arts and crafts that are at your kid’s skill level. Finishing the crafts positively will bring them a good sense of accomplishment. As you and your kid start to discover more crafts, you can bring in more and more challenges.

Bonding and Fun – Your children will enjoy spending time with you and making something together.

Great craft ideas to do with your children this winter season:

Snow Flakes

  • Begin with tracing a circle on your favorite color construction paper
  • Cut out the circle
  • Fold the circle in half 3 times
  • Draw shapes from the edges with a pencil
  • Use scissors to cut along the designs
  • Carefully open your circle
  • Use holiday-inspired stickers
  • Use a variety of materials to decorate the snowflakes