The Value of Beanie Babies

Growing up in the 90’s there was a lot of talk about beanie babies. People kept vast collections of them claiming that they would be valuable one day. As a child, our parents informed us that they would someday pay for our college. Here we are over twenty years after the beanie baby craze ended. So how much are those precious beanie babies worth and were they worth all the commotion?

The beanie baby craze began in 1993 when the original nine launched. The firstborn of these nine was Legs the Frog on April 25th of 1993. A few that followed behind him were Pinches the Lobster, and Cubbie, the Bear. The creator of the beanie babies, Ty Warner, success was because he had the brilliant idea of discontinuing animals at random creating scarcity in the market for beanie babies.

Did Ty Warner’s plan succeed in making beanie baby collectors rich? Deciding how much a first-generation beanie baby is worth is usually a job for a 3rd party service like True Blue Beans. A beanie baby’s worth largely depends on the heart tag and the Tush tag. Without the original tags, your beanie is worth considerably less. First generation beanie babies can be easy to tell apart because the heart tag will not open like a book. Other things considered when getting your collection appraised is, of course, the condition of your beanie babies. Beanie babies that are still in good condition, with no wear and tear or stains are going to be worth the most.

Let’s look at some of the original beanie babies and how much they would be worth 25 years later. A first-generation Leg’s the Frog beanie baby in excellent condition with the original tags would be worth about $100 today. One that is worth the most money is Splash the Whale. A first generation of this guy can get you $200-$300. So, no, your beanie baby collection probably won’t pay your kids college tuition, but you could get a few hundred bucks for the five you spent all those years ago.