Top Books for Teaching Children How to Read

Most children will learn to read between the ages of four and seven years old. By age four most children begin attending school. While your child’s teacher plays a big part in teaching them to read, as a parent you are partially responsible for their success. So where do parents begin by teaching their children to read? Books of course! You may not be sure of where to start when it comes to choosing the right books for your children to learn to read. Allow me to help you select a few to get you and your little one started on the right page.

“Puddle’s ABC’s” by Hollie Hobbie is an excellent book to get started. “Puddle’s ABC’s” is primarily an alphabet book. Before your child can learn to read, they must first know their alphabet. “Puddle’s ABC’s” is a story about an adorable character named Puddle. In the story, Puddle teaches his friend Otto the letters of the alphabet and how to use them to write his name.

Dr. Seuss books have always been famous for teaching children by using repetition in their text. Repetition is a great way to show children to recognize their first words while reading. Some good Dr. Seuss books to read with your child are “Green Eggs and Ham,” and “Hop on Pop.”

A good book for your child to start reading on his or her own is Hug by Jez Alborough. “Hug” is one of a few books by this author that contains several easy to sound out words with a sweet chimpanzee named Bobo. The other books like this one by this author are Yes” and “Tall.”

Wordless picture books can also be an excellent way to get your child to start recognizing words before they become school aged. A good picture book to start with is “A Ball for Daisy” by Chris Raschka. This book is focused on Daisy’s emotions when a dog destroys her ball, and then another one replaces it.