Top Kid Drones (Part I)

Your kids will love these drones.

If you’re a parent reading this, we believe your kids have seen your costly camera drone in action and want to fly it themselves. And correctly, you’re possibly worried about giving over the controls of your pride and joy to a child. Luckily the best drones for kids have lots of great features in a littler, more affordable and, most notably safer-to-fly packages.

Kids drones are some of the inexpensive things on the market and as such only focus on a couple of chief features as opposed to the bells and whistles of more high-end models like the DJI Mavic Air. But, this makes them perfect for 1st-time flyers.

In this article, you’ll see which one’s are the best kid drones in terms of performance, safety, and features. You can make the best choice for your child.


When first studying to pilot a drone, your kid’s needs will be fundamental. With that being said, there are a few basics that can truly aid novice pilots: built-in stabilization is good for steadier flights and greater flying confidence, and single button take-off and landing takes care of two tricky maneuvers. Several drones at this level also have altitude hold mode, which helps the drone stay in the air even if you let go of the controls.

You’ll get the top balance of performance and features with the

Altair AA108

The drone has lots of features to help beginners develop, including three flight skill levels and the Altitude Hold mode. The wide-angle camera means children can begin honing their aerial photography skills.


Not all drones for kids are made equal. So, it’s smart to consider a couple of key points before purchasing one. For starters, will your child be flying at home or in the park? If so, you’ll need something a tad bigger, more stable and more powerful so playtime doesn’t end early because of a gust of wind.