Top Kid Drones (Part II)

These drones are built for more than just flying.

Some of the top drones for kids are crafted for more than just flying. Take a look at the stunt-tastic JoyGeek Mini Drone, for instance, or the laser-equipped Holy Stone HS177 battle drone, a solid bit of added entertainment to keep your children occupied.

The more you spend, the more extra features you’ll unlock, like an onboard camera, the capability to beam a first-person camera view to your cell, and crush-proof construction.

There are many children drones to pick from, but the brands in this guide, like Hubsan, UDI and Holy Stone, have a good reputation in terms of performance, dependability and build-in quality.



If your kid has been looking at your drone with hungry eyes, but you’re worried about letting them loose on such a commanding machine, the AA108 packs high-end styling but with sufficient features to be sure it’s a safe and fun drone for learning the basics.

One-touch take-off and landing take the stress out of being airborne, and headless and altitude hold modes mean the drone won’t fall out of the sky or accidentally fly out of range. Fixed propeller guards are on hand to safeguard surroundings and people.

The AA108 is a drone to grow with. The FlyingSee companion app presents new pilots to custom flight paths. You can send the drone mechanically along a particular route traced on your smartphone screen.


One of the main issues for kids, when they begin to fly drones, is control. Fundamentally understanding how the controls flip depend on if the drone is coming back or going away from them.

The Holy Stone DEERC170 Predator has some intelligent technology that repairs the drone’s controls to the controller instead of the head of the drone. This headless mode means the controller will always be left on the drone regardless of which direction it’s pointing.