Top Kid Drones (Part III)

These drones are the perfect window to enjoyment for your children.


It takes time to learn the controls of a drone. While several drones are crafted to be kid-friendly, the Syma X5C takes it one step further with a convenient slow mode.

Once switched, the mighty built-in 6-axis keeps the drone steady in the air letting anyone take control of the flight without worry that this drone will go off into the distance.

As well as the easy to use flight modes, there’s a built-in camera that lets you get a POV perspective from the drone itself.


With its three modes, novices can learn well within their means. Mode 1 offers maximum stability while they become skilled. They can go to Mode 2 for medium speed and Mode 3 for all its bells, tricks, and whistles.

Headless Mode, which is really a help, not a deterrent, means no adjustment to the aircraft is needed before flying. This makes it even easier for beginners to grasp the basics. Add the fact that it’s got fabulous flashy lights and you have a massive, long-term hit.


The Joygeek Mini Drone is one of the toughest and smallest UAVs on this list, making it extremely portable and suspect to falter in the likelihood of a crash.

To make life simpler on new pilots, only a single button push is needed to bring the drone into the land, and a built-in positioning system helps things remain steady in the air, bettering control. The drone also has low and high-speed modes so you can begin slowly as you learn to do basic controls.

Once you’ve got your pilot’s wings, there are several fun 3D flip stunts to explore and fashionable LED lights for when you’re good enough to try a night flight.