Top Toys for Children Who Are Blind/Visually Impaired (Part II)

Thankfully, there is a big selection of fun toys all children can pick from, including those particularly crafted for blind/visually impaired kids. Not only are there toys made for sight challenged children, but there are also innumerable toys that have been adjusted for kids with disabilities.

Rib It Ball

The Rib It Ball has many developmental advantages for kids with sight impairment. Since there are numerous bright colors, the ball allures to the child’s visual sense. The energetic colors also assist in enhancing the kid’s ability to identify shapes and differentiate among various colors. The vibrant yellow handles on the sides of the ball permit easy accessibility for children of all ages. Since the ball is effortless to grab at any speed, it is much easier for those with sight disabilities to play with.

Drum Therapy Kit

A Drum Therapy Kit allows children with sight impairments to learn how to play an instrument.

The Drum Therapy Kit lets sight-impaired kids learn how to play drums effectively and safely. Learning how to play an instrument is a good way for children to improve communication skills, recollection, and discipline. Since it comes with an instruction manual with DVD, the drum set is quite good for kids with visual impairment. It also develops hand-eye coordination while enticing auditory, tactile, and visual senses.

DO-A-DOT Markers

The exclusive DO-A-DOT Markers are very beneficial for sight-impaired kids. Every marker’s color is labeled in braille, making it very distinguishable. Because of their large size, the markers are simple to handle and use. The DO-A-DOT Markers help kids learn braille, distinguish among colors, and improve creativity. The big writing aids sight challenged children to differentiate the colored markers. There are no spills, drips, and won’t dry out if the cap is left off.

Label Your Toys

Braille label makers punch in Braille which aids sight-impaired kids to differentiate among various toys. From food containers to bottles of medicine, the label maker can be utilized to identify limitless products.