Top Water Guns (Part I)

These water guns will bring out the most fun.

Super Soakers, huh? Water way to have a fabulous time.

On the very hot days that are getting to be the norm for summer, nothing beats having a top water gun and soaking friends and foes on a blazing afternoon.

There are numerous great Super Soakers now. Regardless of what type or size you desire on the market, here is a selection of the absolute best.

There are compact, small, very portable shooters, heavy-duty water blasters for accurate long-range assaults, and even garden hose-connected H20 artillery ones for when you desire to take down a whole group of enemies.

Therefore, if you’re presently in the market for a topnotch water gun, then keep reading to learn about the best selection of hardware.


Sending a solid stream of H20 a good eight meters or so, this blaster can form the foundation of your aqua unleashing arsenal. The pump-action puts the flow in motion and with a good two-liter capacity targets will get wetter than your clothes in the rinse cycle. This Super Soaker is also the highly entertaining and perfect method of discouraging un-wanted critters from your lawn. No, this isn’t referring to your backyard barbecue guests.


After a laidback “would you like ice with that” remark from the host of the yearly Super Soaker creative team’s BBQ, one person still had his work hat on. Within days, the Freezefire was made, a jumbo filler cap in which to put cubes of ice and the capability to send an icy cold stream during water gun wars. It’s a neat little Super Soaker and one little enough to take into a surprise soaking session. It is quite possible to turn this one into a container to pour sangria.