Toys for Autistic Children (Part II) 

Sound Puzzles

Melissa & Doug

Puzzles are a fantastic toy for children with autism.

These sound puzzles offer a wealth of skill-building prospects as problem-solvers see, listen and learn. Kids use their pincer grasp to raise every puzzle piece by its knob. When the piece is put right on the board, players are rewarded with a real transportation sound. These auditory responses offer positive reinforcement and encourage continued play. Additionally, the matching illustrations on the puzzle board offer visual cues and help put success within reach. Select from vehicles or trains.

Disney Mickey’s Color Adventure Playland

Moose Mountain

This inflatable clubhouse provides enchanting sensory and social prospects. Older children will like big-muscle tasks as they grasp and toss the balls into the top, while younger kids visually track the primary-colored balls as they swirl down and around, then come out and fill the ball-pit floor. Stimulate social interaction by having one kid pick up a ball using one or both hands, then give it to another player to throw into the top.

Jumpsmart Electronic Trampoline

Diggin’ Active

Kids will leap for joy as they bounce along to fun learning games and silly tunes. As they bounce, kids get input and stimulation from their joints that can help provide and regulate inner balance, positively affecting attention and organizational skills. Moreover, each bounce is rewarded with music or sounds. This instant reinforcement aids further cause and effect learning and encourages children to keep jumping. For up to 80 lbs.

Calico Critters Family Camper and Cherry Cruiser

International Playthings

The right size for tabletop or floor-time fun, these toys offer opportunities for imaginative play, as well as vocabulary and language development. Children tell travel tales about camping adventures. The top hinges on the camper open and a side fold out for easy access. And when you want to call it a day, hitch your camper to the Cherry Cruiser and go home! Critter families sold separately.