Using Old Farm Equipment in Your Yard

Old farm equipment such as tillers and wagons can be a fun thing to collect and display in your yard or garden. It’s a way to collect and re-purpose items that were used by real people and have a history to them, instead of the store bought items that don’t make your yard unique.

So where can you find old, vintage farm equipment? Flea Markets are the best start, you’ll find a huge variety of vendors and be able to really look around, compare prices, and check out the items and make sure they are in sturdy condition for transportation.

Auctions and estate sales are also a good place to find farm equipment or parts. Many older farms have items that have been unused for some time, this is a great place to find great items for your yard or garden.

And you never know what you may find being put on the curb!

Wagons make great additions to your garden. You can lean them on their sides and plant around them, and fill the inside of the wagon with as well. Wagon Wheels also add an interesting element to your garden, they come in all kinds of sizes. Tillers and threshers, equipment that gets pulled behind tractors, can make quite a statement piece in your yard or garden. Include them in your mulched area for a dramatic statement.

So be on the lookout for farm equipment, it’s a wonderful thing to collect and a way to preserve the past!