What to Get Your Child for Valentine’s Day

January is almost over, and February is rapidly approaching leaving one day on everyone’s mind, Valentine’s Day. You see the candy in the store’s along with the all the plush animals and cards with sweet things to say to our loved ones. Aside from the apparent candy what do we get our children for Valentine’s Day? After all, they are our number one Valentines. Below are a few options to give the little loves of your life.

The Red Micro Cubebot Puzzle is a non-traditional take on the toy robot that doesn’t require batteries. He holds several different poses. His durable wood structure and elastic band muscles make him hard to break so; he’s a toy built to last. After you’re done playing with him, he folds into a perfect box shape. You can find him in a variety of colors on Amazon for just $9.89.

LEGO Valentine’s Cupid Dog is a 150-piece set that features an adorable dog that once put together holds a red heart and a bow and arrow. This item was exclusively a 2016 item and is on eBay for $19.99.

The Wooden Heart Jigsaw Puzzle is a cute little item made by Tree Hopper Toys. It comes in a bag that makes for a good token. It has a tribal-like design on the puzzle pieces. This item is found on trugether.com for $15.22.

Perfect for a child around the age of eight and up is the “I’m so glad you’re my Son/Daughter Gift Box.” This gift box comes with a picture frame keepsake box, 44-page, casebound, full color, ‘memory moments’ children’s book, a ‘love notes’ notepad, and an encouragement pad. This product can be purchased on Amazon for $29.95.

Personalized superhero capes are an excellent option for sparking your children’s imagination. You can get your child’s name or initials put on a variety of different styles such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and many other’s. This product is on Etsy for $34.