Where To Donate Old Toys

Regardless if you’re cleaning or trying to reduce post-holidays clutter, donating used toys can aid in clearing out your home and do something wonderful at the same time. Making those toys cleaned, assembled, and working is the 1st step, after which you need to get a place that take toy donations.

By researching your choices for donating toys, you can work with your family to pick a way to donate or a certain cause that is most worthy of your donation. You don’t have to pick just one. Divide up your donations to a couple of various causes if you can’t pick just one.

Toy Donation Choices

  1. Resell Charities
    Charity thrift stores such as The Salvation Army take toys and then put them on the store floor for others to purchase. Any monies they get from the sale of the toys is put back into programs that help the needy right in your own community. it’s a good way to make sure that families have access to low-priced toys while aiding to keep funds in your own neighborhood.
  2. Local Shelters and Children’s Centers
    If you have a shelter or children’s charity in your community, there’s a great chance that it takes toy donations. After all, children will be children, and kids who visit shelters can be more at ease when there are toys to play with. You just need to phone ahead, as some charities won’t take toy donations.
  3. Preschools and Nurseries
    A local for-profit nursery or preschool may not be an exempt organization, so donating there won’t get you a deduction on your taxes. Still, it’s an unselfish gift if you’ve observed that a preschool is in need of some slightly used toys. Just be sure phone before you take in a donation, as there may be some rules to toy donations.