Why Your Little One Can’t Let Go of That Stuffed Animal

Stuffed animals are world staple of any kid’s bedroom. In fact, if a kid asks for just one toy, it’s probably will be a stuffed animal. From penguins to tigers to lions, the fluffy dolls come in all sizes and shapes to satisfy every taste. Even in an era where kids own fancy electronic toys, stuffed animals didn’t lose any love. Here’s why your kid is crazy for stuffed toys.

They encourage nurturing

After being bossed around all day, kids want a chance to be the adult. Stuffed toys make great recipients of a child’s pretend discipline and care. They’re little, lightweight, and completely compliant. Playing grownup to a stuffed animal makes a child be in control. Some experts say imaginative play is critical to a child’s social and mental development. Also, when you’re 4, nothing beats the sheer incredibleness of having a ‘baby’ with an alligator tail or a puppy face.

They’re always smiling

Stuffed animals are resistant to the letdowns of life. Regardless how many times they are dropped, sat on or left alone, they always welcome their owners with reassuring, warm smiles. Those happy, fuzzy faces make the world look like a better place, regardless what’s going on in the kid’s life. Mommy, daddy or teacher may be disappointed, but Tickle Me Elmo is never disappointed.

They give the best hugs

Nothing makes the blues go away like a warm, mushy hug. It doesn’t get any warmer than with stuffed animal. Not only that, but stuffed animals will take tight hugs of the longest length of time without gasping for air or feeling crushed. Hugging a Barbie doll or action figure, on the other hand, just doesn’t measure up to that irrepressible softness of a stuffed animal.